Handyman jobs are some of the riskiest jobs. On any weekend, hospital workers across the country are attending to DIY-ers who have come undone. From being hit with a hammer to falling off a ladder and sustaining handsaw cuts, the list is endless to handyman injured on my property.

Common Handyman Injured on My Property

What’s even more worrying is the increasing number of DIY projects. Many people, out of thrill or financial constraints are choosing to go it alone when it comes to minor tasks such as fixing loose electrical wiring, sealing leaking roofs, painting walls, and so forth with the mistakes you should never make when suing for personal injury.

Doing these jobs without the necessary skills is a recipe for disaster. Insurance policies, such as the handyman insurance at Next Insurance cover you in case of an incident. But you still need to take steps to protect yourself.

If you’re an enthusiast of the trade, below, we discuss ways you could potentially get injured on the job, along with tips on how to stay safe by handyman injured on my property.

1. Falls from Height

Accounting for nearly one-third of all handyman injuries, falling from height claims lives on the regular and has left many with permanent scars. Victims can suffer head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and so forth.  

Safety Tip: Always wear protective gear. And, if using a ladder, have someone to help hold the ladder in place and get the advantages of using a personal injury calculator.

2. Electrical Shocks

Electrocution is also quite common. A neighbor’s refrigerator stops working and because you managed to repair yours last time, you’re called upon to try and fix this one too. So, you pull out the wires and open a few electrical sockets. You could end up with painful injuries or worse.

Safety Tip: Again, it’s important to wear protective gear. Such gear will protect you from electrical shocks. Also leave complex situations to professional electricians.

3. Power Tool Accidents

A while back, in Sydney, Australia, a guy decided to trim his edges by running the lawnmower across the top of the hedges. He ended up losing several fingers in the process.

Safety Tip: Always wear protective gear, including gloves, hard hats, and eye protection when working with power tools. Additionally, use tools only for their intended purposes. Don’t try to use a tool for a purpose it wasn’t designed for.

4. Eye Injuries

Flying debris and falling objects can easily find a way into your eyes when working on handyman projects. When this happens, you may need expensive surgery, or worse, lose the eye.

Safety Tip: Wearing safety goggles is a must when working on hazardous projects. In addition, be extremely careful on handyman injured on my property and the job.

5. Slips and Falls

Finally, aside from falls from height, handymen are also at risk of falls resulting from slips and tripping. This is because the handyman’s workspace is often cluttered with all kinds of materials and tools.

Safety Tip: These types of injuries can be prevented by maintaining a clutter-free workspace at all times. Wearing protective gear can also help in case of a fall.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

Even with all the above precautions, accidents are still possible. Handyman insurance protects you in case of an incident.