While medicinal uses for cannabis date back thousands of years, it’s only recently that scientists have started doing extensive research on its many health benefits. By now, you might know that cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is derived from cannabis plant seeds. But it doesn’t contain THC, the compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

CBD oil has many well-publicized health benefits, such as reduced anxiety, better mood, improved sleep, a boosted immune system and decreased pain, among others. What many people don’t know is that the rich concentration of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that CBD oil contains also make it great for your hair.

CBD Oil Contents

In order to understand how CBD oil can help our hair, let’s take a look at the ingredients responsible for these benefits. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and help our bodies in a variety of ways. CBD oil happens to contain all 21 known amino acids in addition to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

It also contains a number of antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Chlorophyll, phytosterols, carotene and phospholipids can also be found in CBD oil. You can also find many minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus along with modest amounts of zinc and iron.

We know that nutrition is key to having healthy hair, and if CBD oil contains so many key nutrients, it should come as no surprise that it goes hand-in-hand with giving our hair what it needs.

Fatty Acids, Linolenic and Gamma Linolenic Acids

In order to sustain growth over longer periods of time instead of falling out, your hair needs Linolenic and Gamma Linolenic acid. CBD oil contains these ingredients, which means it can help your hair continue growing instead of stopping after a few months.

In the same light, our hair follicles produce protein in order to grow. Fatty acids contain the very same proteins our hair needs, which means that the fatty acid contents in CBD oil further help our hair continue growing over longer periods of time.

Finally, the above ingredients also help keep your cells healthy by acting as food for your scalp. Linolenic and Gamma Linolenic acid work to strengthen your pigment cells, thus preventing their destruction.

Vitamin E

Dandruff and dryness are responsible for hair loss and generally unhealthy hair. Vitamin E helps your hair lock in moisture by working as an emollient, meaning that it stops moisture loss while providing a softening effect. Vitamin E also helps eliminate the dandruff that clogs your hair follicles.

Omega Vitamins

The omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 contents in CBD oil improve the strength of your scalp tissue. By strengthening your scalp, your hair can grow faster and longer.

CBD Oil Normalizes Your Scalp

Dying, bleaching, blow drying, brushing and spraying your hair can throw off the balance of your scalp, causing hair loss and contributing to a generally unhealthy scalp. The ingredients found in CBD oil help to reduce the effects of what we do to our hair, keeping dandruff production down and balancing the natural oils.

A small bottle of CBD oil will prevent your hair from going gray, add strength, improve growth and eliminate split ends and frizz. This makes it a worthwhile investment that’s much cheaper than visiting the salon.

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When picking up your first bottle of CBD oil, always remember to spot test it first to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction. While this is highly unlikely, CBD oil is still from a plant which means it can happen to certain people. That said, it’s still a worthwhile investment for not only your hair, but the overall health of your skin, body and get the information of how to repair damaged hair from here.

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