It is now just over one year since the world was first gripped by a major global pandemic. Those twelve months have seen major changes to the way that people go about their daily lives. Faced with a virus that relies on close human-to-human contact to spread, people everywhere have been forced to change the way that they go about their lives.

This has meant changes to the way everybody goes about their daily routines – in both the workplace and the home. Once the pandemic is over, just how much will our usual habits and patterns change?

The online world and entertainment

The online world and entertainment

There is no doubt that social distancing and lockdowns are forcing people to rely more heavily on the internet. For businesses, it has meant using online conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype as an alternative to face-to-face meetings and conferences.

In the same way, people have increasingly turned to online entertainment alternatives as a replacement for real-life options. is one such online entertainment site that is experiencing the boom in online custom. With many traditional casinos and clubs being forced to close their doors for extended periods due to lockdown, the glitter and the excitement can still be experienced and enjoyed in a ‘virtual environment’.

With the advent and development of social media, people have become attuned to spending time in the online environment for both leisure time activities as well as business. Thus, the move toward online entertainment appears to be a natural transition.

Virtual concerts and online music performance

Music has always traditionally been a major part of our lives, and the internet has already seen the expansion and growth of live-streaming and web-based music platforms as an alternative to hard media such as CDs and DVDs.

The long period of lockdown and social restriction has greatly impacted the live music and arts industry. Theaters and live music venues have been forced to close their doors – for many, the closure is permanent as businesses fold under the financial strain.

Faced with this dramatic change, artists and musicians have taken online technology a step further, and live streamed performances and concerts have become the order of the day. From Miley Cyrus to the New York Metropolitan Opera, a wide range of virtual concerts has taken the place of real life.

The online gaming world

The online gaming world

In the same way that the world has witnessed the steady growth of social media and music streaming, the world of online PC gaming already saw a healthy expansion long before the COVID 19 pandemic hit. With a range and selection of games increasing exponentially, the option of PC gaming was drawing many from the more traditional gaming consoles like Xbox.

With many people forced to look at alternative ways of spending their evenings and leisure time, the online gaming world has seen further healthy interest.

Entertainment in the post-COVID 19 world

Entertainment in the post-COVID19 world

Has COVID 19 changed the world’s entertainment habits permanently? As countries move steadily through vaccine rollouts and ‘roadmaps’ out of the lockdown period, the question increasingly asked is “What will the new normal look like?”

There is no doubt that many – both businesses and households alike – have found a new way of living. It is highly likely that the way that we seek out entertainment will similarly change in the post-lockdown world.

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