When one thinks of Native Americans, they usually conjure up images of teepees and buffalo hunts. Modern day Native Americans have assimilated into mainstream society.

While some tribes still live on reservations, many have relocated to cities and towns. Native Americans have also intermarried, and many now identify as multiracial.

Modern day Native Americans have fought for equality and recognition of their rights. Yet, a lot of common misconceptions still exist about them.

So how has modern Native American culture changed over the years?

Read on to learn about the shifts Native American culture has made in response to modern society.

From Handcrafts to Digital Art

Native American Culture

Modern day Native American culture has changed dramatically from handcrafts to digital art. The internet has allowed more incredible Native American culture, art, and history dissemination.

They are creating and exhibiting works that challenge stereotypes about their culture. Most have embraced modernity and are using their art to define themselves on their terms.

Technology and Communications

The internet has allowed for more excellent connectivity and access to information. Social media has created a platform for native Americans to share their culture. Cell phones and other mobile devices have also allowed modern native American customs to flourish.

Transition to City Living

Modern day Native American culture

Modern day Native American culture has changed in many ways. Due to the transition to city living from their tribal lands, Native Americans have had to adopt new ways of life and education in the city. They have also had to deal with discrimination and poverty.

Despite these challenges, Native Americans have managed to maintain their culture and traditions. They create community centers, hold pow-wows, and teach their children about their culture.

Development of Contemporary Beliefs

The development of contemporary beliefs has contributed to these changes. For example, many Native American cultures already use Western medicine.

Ceremonies and rituals are often performed to honor the dead and ask for spirits’ guidance. Today, they are often open to the public.

Gender Injustice Against Native Women

Native American

Gender injustice against Native women is a pervasive problem. They are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking than any other group of women in the United States.

In the face of this violence, Native women have become some of the most influential and vocal advocates for change. They are working to end the silence around gender violence against Native women and to create a safer future for themselves and their families.

Changes in the Modern Day Native American Culture

The modern day Native American culture has changed from the past. Today, Native Americans have a more diverse range of cultures, with many different tribes and nations. Native Americans also have a greater presence in the media and popular culture. However, they still face many challenges, such as poverty and discrimination.

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