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Have New Clients Pouring In! 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Water Company

When you started your water company, you wanted to introduce your solutions and the passion you had for giving the best customer service. You had to get the word out about how you could help your customers.

Maybe you advertised on the radio, put an ad in the Yellow Pages or sent pamphlets in the mail. But, today digital marketing is the best way to reach a new generation of customers.

It’s time to take your water company into digital space. Promote your business and build brand awareness on digital platforms.

Are you ready to boost your customer base by developing a digital marketing plan that puts you ahead of the competition?

Read more about the 10 best digital marketing strategies for growing your water company.

10 of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies

The following digital marketing trends can help catapult your business growth and expand your reach. Learn more about how a water solutions company uses digital marketing techniques on its website.

1. Know Your Target Audience

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is knowing your target audience. By understanding their needs, you can build trusting relationships that lead to sales.

Here are a few things to think about when you create personal profiles of  your audience:

  • Are they married or single?
  • Do they have children?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they need?
  • What do they expect from your water business?

Once you collect all this information, you can relate to them on a personal level. You want to think like your customers.

2. Optimize SEO

When you use SEO strategies in your digital marketing plan, you’ll see that you get more sales for less money than other marketing methods.

Optimize your SEO by placing strategic, relevant keywords in your website and blog content. This increases your search page ranking because search engines and customers can find your pages.

Also, optimize your metadata and images. This drives traffic to your website and builds your brand awareness. Creating SEO optimized content boosts your credibility with search engines.

3. Video Marketing

According to Wyzowl, 72 percent of people like to learn about a service through video rather than text. Since digital marketing is based on your customer experience, it’s crucial to give them what they want.

With today’s high-quality smartphones, it’s easier to make videos than it used to be. You just need to come up with some video content ideas that connect with your customers.

Think about filming an educational video that details your services. Include how you’ve solved problems for your customers. You can also include reviews or testimonials from your loyal customers.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective drivers of business sales. The keys to success are to build a subscriber list and get your subscribers to open your email.

How do you get them to read your emails?

Think about the way you would talk to your customers in person. Write your emails in the same way. You want to be friendly, authentic and concerned about what your readers need.

Make sure your emails connect with your subscribers with engaging, helpful information. Also, create subject lines that make your readers curious so they’ll want to see what’s in your email.

It takes time to create personalized email schedules for sending segmented emails relevant to each subscriber. For example, you can send emails for special occasions, holidays, promotions, welcomes and thank-you emails.

Think about using an automated email service that specializes in sending your emails at specific times.

5. Content Marketing

A large part of digital marketing campaigns is content marketing. It increases customer engagement and builds your authority.

Publishing content on your webpage and blog gets your audience involved with you. It’s an opportunity for you to show genuine interest in their problems.

Make sure you create content that provides relevant information for all stages of the buyer’s journey. When you do this, you can guide your readers to the final sale.

You can also use the influence of your customers for your content marketing. By publishing reviews and testimonials from your customers, your prospects will get true opinions of your services.

Spiegel Research Center published marketing results that said products with five or more reviews are 270 percent more likely to be purchased.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the ideal way to know what your audience wants. All you have to do is listen to what they’re saying. You can even make your social media interaction part of your customer service.

When you listen to the posts and comments your audience makes, you open the door to two-way, personal conversations. You can actively engage them, build relationships and turn them into loyal customers.

By interacting with your audience on social media, you can uncover problems other customers are also having. This way you can help more than one customer at a time.

7. Website Optimization

Website speed is more important than ever for keeping visitors on your site. The time it takes for your pages to load can make or break your digital marketing campaign.

Do you know how long it takes your website pages to load? If you don’t, your digital marketing strategies might suffer.

Website speed is so important that a few seconds can mean the difference between increased traffic or devastating bounce rate.

In fact, page speed research by Google says that if your webpage takes up to six seconds to load, you’ll most likely suffer a 106 percent bounce rate.

You can check the speed you have with Google Page Speed Insights. This will give let you know how much you need to speed up your company website.

8. Research Keywords

Using relevant keywords in your content is the only way search engines can find your content when someone does a search. Keyword analysis can help you understand which keywords to use for your content.

Think about the way your audience searches for water services. What specific words and phrases do they use?

When you look at your keywords, are they targeting your market? Make sure you use specific and competitive long-tail keywords. Create your content after you finish keyword discovery.

Make sure they’re high-value keyword phrases that answer the questions your audience has. Long-tail keywords are essential for voice search, which is so popular today.

9. Voice Search

Consumers today take advantage of voice search using virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Echo and Alexa. Almost everyone has at least one of these at home, on their phones or tablets.

Since most people carry mobile phones with them, they use voice search as an alternative to typing a query into Google. According to BrightLocal, 58 percent of consumers have used voice search to find local businesses in the past year.

This is a huge audience you can tap into if you tweak your keywords for voice search. To stay ahead of your competitors, include long-tail keywords that your customers actually use in their everyday speech.

You should also modify your keywords based on speech patterns. Create a list of common questions or problems pertaining to water solutions. This list will guide your creation of voice-query-based content.

10. Marketing automation

Marketing automation can help you stay on track with your digital marketing campaign. Research customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to automate your digital marketing.

CRM helps you manage your company’s interactions with your prospects and customers. It makes it easy to stay connected and streamlines your marketing process.

When you integrate CRM with digital marketing, it strengthens business relationships, which results in better customer experience.

Start Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Start creating digital marketing strategies for your water company, increasing your ROI and driving high-quality leads. If you focus on how your target audience makes decisions, engage and connect with them, you’ll find success with digital marketing.

Using these 10 digital marketing strategies you’ll promote your services, improve your brand awareness and increase your web traffic.

Read more informative articles to learn further strategies for your marketing efforts.

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