Life is full of ups and downs, and many people will experience their fair share of struggles. This could be losing a loved one, losing a job, getting injured, or going through another tragedy. If someone you know and love is grieving for one reason or another, a good way to boost their spirits is to give them a gift.

However, you often need to be careful about what you give them. It should be something they enjoy, but is also appropriate for the occasion and will help them feel better. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few heartwarming sympathy gifts to give to a friend who might be struggling.

Heartwarming Sympathy Gifts to Comfort a Grieving Friend

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A classic sympathy gift is a bouquet or arrangement of flowers. There are plenty of sympathy flowers that can show someone you care and help them feel better. Not only do flowers look good and improve the look of any space, but they can put a smile on someone’s face and fill a home with a relaxing and subtle aroma.

They are beautiful gifts that will always be appreciated. Flowers have been given as gifts for a very long time, and continue to be a popular choice. They provide a ton of benefits, without costing too much for the gift giver.

Of course, different flowers have different meanings, so be sure to choose a flower that is appropriate for the occasion and isn’t too bright and cheerful. Also, don’t hesitate to consider adding a small note to your flower gift to make it a little more personal and meaningful.

A Card

A Card

Another way to express your condolences is a card. Cards can come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and can be purchased from a store or made at home. This is an incredibly affordable gift that can make a huge difference in how someone is feeling. It is simple to make or buy, affordable, and can show someone that you are thinking of them and are there for them if they need you.

In your card, you should be sure to include a message of some kind. This can be anything you want, but you should make sure to offer your condolences, show your support, and include kind words whenever possible. Showing that you are understanding of grief and loss in the card is also a good idea.

A Gift Box or Basket

Giving someone a gift box or basket is another great idea if they are grieving. This is almost like giving several gifts at once if you’re not quite sure what to get. There are many types of gift boxes you can create from snack boxes to beauty boxes, to wine and cheese boxes, and anything in between.

You can also create a box or basket that contains all of your friends’ favorite things. You can be sure they will love this customized gift and appreciate all of the work that you put into it. Make sure to add their favorite snacks, drinks, products, and various other items.

A gift box is as expensive as you make it, so fill it with things that they enjoy, but also things that fit your budget to ensure you don’t go overboard. There are also many pre-made gift boxes or baskets that you can find out there that may include products or items that your grieving friend will enjoy.

Offer Them Your Time

Instead of a physical gift, another option is to give the gift of your time. You can offer to help them with things around their home, offer to get them groceries, help them tend their yard, and more. Taking this work off of their plate can be incredibly helpful and give them enough time to properly grieve and deal with their issues.

Depending on the issue they are facing, going about life as normal can prove challenging, and this assistance is likely to be appreciated. In addition to helping with things, sometimes simply hanging out with someone during trying times can be enough to help them feel better.

Read a book

Of course, always be respectful of their time and don’t rush them into hanging out or going to a restaurant before they are ready and comfortable doing so. Everyone grieves differently, and some may need more time than others before they are comfortable seeing people and going to do things.

A Book

Another great choice is to give them a book to read. As for the book you give, it depends. You can give them a self-help book based on whatever issue they are going through to help them better deal with it, or simply provide them with a book that takes their mind off of their issues for a while.

Whether they are used to help with an issue directly, or simply allow for a bit of an escape for a while, books can be a great tool for those who are grieving. Make sure to find out more about the kinds of books they like and would appreciate receiving before deciding which one to give them as a gift.

A Blanket

This is an incredibly simple and basic gift, but one that is sure to help someone out during their time of need. A blanket can be an incredibly cozy gift that can help show someone you care, while also helping them relax and be more comfortable.

Blankets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types, so there is certainly something for everyone. They can also be found affordably, and can even be personalized if you so choose.

If you have the budget, a weighted blanket can be an even better idea. These can be incredibly cozy and can help people relax and calm down, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, while also helping people sleep.

In conclusion, these are some of the best and most heartwarming sympathy gifts to give to grieving friends during their time of need.

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