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Heavy Metals that Damages Your Body and How to Counter Them

If you look at the Internet for information about heavy metals and their causes for the body, you will come across a range of different opinions regarding the number of people suffering from heavy metal poisoning. When seeking information about the issue of heavy metal poisoning, it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction but there are some trusted sites providing information based on scientific facts. Heavy metals are needed for the proper working of the human body but can make individual sick and prove potentially fatal when levels grow higher than required.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are found throughout the planet and occur naturally in nature and are part of the ecosystem we live in. Among the most commonly seen heavy metals are arsenic, lead, mercury, zinc, copper, and iron. These heavy metals are often included in the vitamins and dietary supplements we take on a regular basis to try and stay as healthy as possible. However, these metallic elements can be found in the world at high levels through the environments we work in and the food we eat. There are many reasons why heavy metals can cause problems for an individual, including the fact an individual can fall into a coma, vomit, and in some cases see their poisoning prove fatal.

The causes of heavy metal poisoning

There are many reasons why the world can be a dangerous place and result in a form of heavy metal poisoning taking place. One of the most common causes is an industrial one and sees the individual poisoned by breathing in high levels of heavy metals passed into the atmosphere in a factory of plant environment.

Factories often use heavy metals in their production processes which can produce fumes and dust containing particles causing damage to the human body when passing into it at high levels. Dust particles are a common way for heavy metals to pass into the body with lead from buildings constructed prior to the mid-1970s resulting in a dangerous form of poisoning. An often unconsidered form of heavy metal poisoning can result from fish containing high levels of metals including mercury and those who take herbal supplements containing high levels of metals. Companies can use icp oes analysis technique to measure the concentration of various elements in a variety that will help them to take the right precaution and lower the health risk.

The effects of heavy metals

According to the article Back to the Basics: Heavy Metals, What are They and Why do they Matter?, certain metals will bind to the enzymes in the body that are responsible for digestion and detoxification limiting their actions and causing problems in the body. A small level of poisoning can have limited problems for the individual who will see a headache and nausea which is known as chronic poisoning. Chronic poisoning means a low dose of heavy metals has been taken in over a long period of time resulting in a range of symptoms including muscle weakness, constipation, and fatigue.

The more dangerous form of poisoning is known as acute poisoning and sees the individual exposed to a high dose of heavy metals in a single moment. When a person swallows a large amount of a specific heavy metal they will feel confused, slip into unconsciousness, and feel a numbness throughout their body. Acute poisoning is the most dangerous form of heavy metal contamination and often results in the individual needing specialized treatments from medical professionals.

Can it be treated?

A medical professional will often look for a different way of providing a diagnosis which could include blood or urine samples tested in a lab environment. Some medical professionals also look to use x-rays to make a specific diagnosis and rate the level of damage done to the body of the individual.

There are many different ways of reducing the level of heavy metals in the body including the use of chelating agents which help remove heavy metals from the vital organs. These chelating agents bind to the heavy metals and drag them out of the body through urination. Other ways of removing heavy metals from the body include suctioning the stomach to remove foreign bodies and the use of a diuretic to speed the removal of metals from the intestines.
Heavy metals can be a damaging problem for any person who finds the levels of these agents raised above normal proportions. The best form of defense from any form of heavy metal poisoning is to avoid the problem completely by monitoring the intake of metal at all times. One should always be aware of the advisories about local fish and those offered at a national level along with checking ingredient lists on products to ensure accidental exposure does not take place.

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