There are countless stats that demonstrate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), but none is more relevant to small business owners than this: 76 percent of consumers who use smartphone search to find a local business visit within a day, and 28 percent of visits result in a purchase.

That’s right. SEO can blow your sales through the roof.

However, there are thousands upon thousands of businesses fighting for a spot on the first page of Google and other search engines. But without SEO expertise, you might as well forget about getting first-page ranking.

This is why you need to bring in an SEO expert. Continue reading to learn how to find the best SEO company.

A Clear Track Record of SEO Success

SEO results are measurable. There are no two ways about it. This isn’t like good old television where you’re told your ad will reach an estimated number of people and there’s no way to prove it.

As such, the first step to finding the best SEO company is to examine their record of results.

Whether you were referred to the company by one of its clients or found it through an online search, be sure to ask for proof of results. Let them show you analytics reports of clients’ websites. You should be able to see a clear improvement in metrics such as search engine ranking, organic site traffic, and bounce rate.

If you love the results, then you can conclude they will also likely deliver the same results for you.

The Company’s Own Search Engine Ranking

If I tell you that a Rolls Royce has the smoothest drive, you’d expect that I own or at least frequently drive one, right? That’s the only way you’d consider me an authority on the subject.

In the same way, an SEO company cannot claim to deliver results if their own website is nowhere to be seen on the first page of any search engine. At a bare minimum, they should rank for keywords such as “SEO company near me” or “best SEO company in location X” with location X being your city or town.

If the company doesn’t have a good local ranking, it’s clear their strategies aren’t working for them, and neither will they work for your business.

Reputation Matters

Search engine optimization has come a long way. A couple of years ago, one could cheat their way to the top of page rankings by stuffing keywords and deploying other black hat techniques.

Search engines have since tightened the loose bolts, but this isn’t to say their algorithms cannot be cheated. Some SEO experts still use black hat methods, but the results are rarely long-term.

This means you have to evaluate the reputation of an SEO company before becoming their client. If it’s not 100 percent white label like SEOgine, don’t even think twice about giving them your business. Find another provider.

It Takes a Keen Eye to Find a Quality SEO Expert

SEO is a vast industry, meaning there are also lots of SEO experts around.

The problem is not all of them have mastered the science of search optimization. To find the best, you’ve to consider a number of factors, primarily the ones fleshed out above.

All the best and keep tabs on our blog for more tips and insights.

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