Have you ever gone roller skating? It’s thrilling! You are filled with a curious sense of joy every time your skates hit the ground and make a thunking noise. You can even enjoy it with a bit of practice if you have no experience. It enjoys a lot of popularity amongst women, as is evident by the modern roller derby, an international sport where the teams tend to be all-female. But before you decide to take up this activity, you need to find the best roller skates for women that will keep you safe from possible injuries while ensuring you have the proper grip, stability, balance, and speed. Here’s some information that will help you out.

What are roller skates?

Roller skates, also known as quad skates, consist of special shoes fixed with small wheels that enable easy movement on various surfaces like paved roads. They are the oldest and classic form of skates instead of rollerblades or inlines. Usually, the wheels used in this equipment are made of polyurethane because it is durable and long-lasting. Polyurethane offers plenty of traction on the skating surface, apart from its endurance. A wheel’s specific requirements, including its size and hardness, depend on whether you’re skating on a paved sidewalk or a maple skating rink. They also find a presence in discos and other entertainment avenues.

What are the different types?

What are the different types

Before deciding what type of roller skate you want, it would be helpful to know the different types of roller skates for women are available since that will make it easier to buy a pair.

Outdoor skates

Outdoor skates are great for you if you want to enjoy skating outdoors. The boots attached with these are either the low top or high top. Because their wheels are specifically designed to be softer and more absorbent, they offer a smooth ride on uneven and unsmooth surfaces outside.

Indoor skates

Indoor skates are different from outdoor rollers and are referred to as recreational, artistic, and traditional skates. These are ideal if you enjoy skating in a rink, dancing, or rhythm skating. They come with high boots that offer excellent control while performing particular movements such as jumps and spins. The narrow wheels enable you to turn quickly and provide high maneuverability.

Speed skates

Speed skates are called so because they offer a lot of speed and are extremely popular for their design. However, you should buy these only if you can manage high speed and have been skating for some time now. They come with low-cut shoes or boots that resemble tennis shoes to a large extent. The low-cut design enables you to move around corners effortlessly and provides a lot of movement in the ankles. The unique wheels and bearings allow you to enjoy skating for a long time at top speed.

Things to remember while buying rollers

Things to remember while buying rollers

Even though the precise requirements while buying a roller skate will vary from one woman to another, this information can serve as a general guideline.


Wheels can be pretty hard or soft, but you must select one based on your requirements. For instance, harder wheels are durable and long-lasting but offer less grip and shock absorption. Softer wheels are great if you want more hold and shock absorption, but they have a shorter lifespan.

Quality of boots

Boots attached to roller skates are either hard or soft, and each has its particular benefits. Stiff shoes are ideal if you want to go skating for a long time or get an intense workout, and they provide plenty of support and stability, while the liners can be easily replaced when required. You should choose soft boots for disco, dancing or a day of casual skating. Because they are soft, they are light and offer better ventilation.



Even though the correct size will depend on how you feel with the skates around your feet, it’s better to choose one size bigger than your regular shoe size. The skates should not be too loose or too tight, and the toes should never touch the front kicktail of the skates.

These are some details you could try remembering while looking for the best roller skates for women if you want to make the most of your skating experience and enjoy it to the fullest. A proper pair of skates will also keep you safe at all times.

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