Moving to a new location? Wondering how to ship your car to your new home? Moving your car can be tiring and difficult especially if you are moving a long distance.

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However, the good news is that you, fortunately, have a number of options to get your car to the desired location and the following tips will help you find the best one for your car shipping services.

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1. Self-driving

You need to understand that driving your car, especially a new one, carries certain risks like bad roads, road accident risks and so on. Well, besides, driving all the way so as to transport your car is also a loss of personal time. So, before you make a decision to self-drive or not, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons. 

2. Moving Car With Household Goods

It is possible to have the mover you hired for moving your office equipment stuff to your new home take your car along with the other household items. However, this may be quite an expensive option because the moving companies charge you by weight, distance, and time, and we all know how heavy a car is.

3. Railway Services

Another good way to transport your car is to use the railway services. True, this method of delivery is not suitable for everyone. But in the case of long-distance transportation of the car and of course the presence of a railway station in the city of your residence and destination, the service is worth using to transport your car.

4. Delivery by a Tow Truck

Of course, you can hire private transporters who specialize in transportation. They gladly provide transportation services for the car both inside the city, as a rule, to the nearest service, and they can take it to another city at the request of the customer. Their services are usually cheaper than specialized transport companies, but tow trucks are still not designed for long-term transportation of vehicles.

In addition, tow trucks do not have special screens to protect the transported vehicle, which can cause damage to the paintwork and even the body. The advantages of such carriers include the speed of delivery and delivery to the customer’s door.

5. Car Transporter Services

If you need to transport an expensive car or want to be double sure that your car arrives at its destination intact, it is better to use the services of specialized transport companies like Ship a Car Direct. Their services may be a bit on the higher side. Before you book a shipment ensure how much does it cost to ship a car across the country.

But the price includes insurance of the transported car, its protection during the entire delivery period, as well as protection against possible damage during the delivery process. Car transport companies transport cars on special wagons that are specially equipped for long-distance transportation of cars.

There are also a few other exotic possibilities such as delivering a car shipping services by transport aircraft, but these are not worth considering for general people. You can check all the feasible options you have, and go for what suits you best business and finance car service.

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