With the cannabis industry on the rise, different terms are often used interchangeably, especially terms like “hemp oil” and “CBD oil.” But did you know they are not exactly the same thing?

While they are both derived from the same plant species, there are some big differences between the two oils.

Are you interested in understanding those differences? Read on to learn all you need to know with this quick guide to hemp vs CBD oil.

Hemp Oil

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Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of a plant called Cannabis sativa. A major difference between hemp and CBD oil is hemp oil has far fewer cannabinoids than CBD oil.

Hemp contains THC levels lower than 0.3%, which means you cannot get high off of it even in large amounts.

Hemp oil has a plethora of possible benefits. It is often used as a dietary supplement as it is rich in essential fatty acids as well as proteins and vitamin E. It has also been used to regulate stress in the body, help one stay more focused, and it has been used as a sleep aid.

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CBD is extracted from the whole plant including the flowers, stalks, and leaves. The CBD needs to be isolated from other cannabinoids such as the psychoactive THC, which in many counties is not legal to sell at a level higher than 0.3%.

While hemp is more commonly used for cooking and skin care, people buy CBD for a variety of uses. CBD introduces cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid system, which regulates everything in the body from pain to immunity to sleep to appetite.

CBD is also showing promise in treating anxiety and depression, and more research is being done to investigate potential help in more severe disorders such as schizophrenia. There is even a possibility of CBD relieving cancer symptoms, though more research is necessary.

People are becoming increasingly interested in the potential benefits of CBD oil, and there is a growing demand to purchase CBD products. With cannabis becoming more normal and legalized throughout the world, it’s not uncommon to simply find CBD at your local grocery store, and you can also purchase CBD online if you’re seeking something more specific to your needs.

Keep in mind though that while CBD is legal in all 50 states, certain rules and regulations vary state by state. Make sure to do research on laws specific to your state.

Hemp Vs CBD Oil

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Now that you know the difference between hemp vs CBD oil, you have a little more information if you’re interested in experimenting with either one. Each product has potential uses that you may benefit from, and you should do your research on which is more fitting to your needs. As always, consult a medical professional before taking such steps.

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