The global flower and ornamental plants market is expected to grow by $27 billion by the end of 2025. There are plenty of available plants in that market that you can grow in your backyard.

These herbal trees can help provide medicinal benefits to you and your loved ones. This short guide will give you 4 herbal trees you can grow in your backyard.

1. White Pine Trees

White Pine Trees

White Pine Trees are a common tree people tend to use for decoration, especially during the winter months. White Pines possess a high amount of vitamin C and are safe to eat for any individual.

You can harvest these herbal trees and plants for use in creating pine vinegar. You can mix the pines with apple cider vinegar and store them in the cupboard. You can put little droplets of it in a tea to soothe colds.

2. Juniper & Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries

There is a refreshing scent recognizable to many inside the Juniper tree. These Juniper leaves are most recognizable as garnishes for gin.

But the fresh ripe Juniper berries are the source of its medicinal benefits. Any individual with minimal herbalist experience can mix these plants in different concoctions to create a healing elixir.

Consult a medical professional before diving into medicinal trees and their uses. These medicinal trees can cause adverse health effects if you consume them over long periods of time or in large doses.

3. Silver Birch Tree

The Silver Birch Tree is a popular tree among the citizens of the United States. These towering trees emit a sweet smell after a light rainfall. But, many are unaware of their medical significance.

The sap of these trees can help different conditions. For instance, when mixed with an herbal tea, it can aid in combating gout. It can also mix in with different wines to add beneficial effects. It can also provide ingredients for Moxa, by offering the yellow fungus that grows on its trees.

4. Elder Tree & Elderberries

Elder Tree & Elderberries

Many individuals come across the Elder Tree that can survive along roadsides and other harsh habitats. But many people also forget about its incredible usefulness and medicinal benefits as well.

The most notable are the elderberries that grow on this tree. In certain regions, they are key ingredients for different jams and syrup mixtures. Research has shown these berries can help combat the flu and other conditions.

Elderflowers also add to these medicinal benefits. Like other garnishes, these flowers can top off a simple drink. But, their lifespans are short, so make sure you use them as soon as you can. In addition to these plants, you can grow your own kratom as well.

Herbal Trees

Many tend to forget the importance of trees in medicine and other solutions. They can provide great aesthetics but can also help heal people in need.

Research the different plants and trees that you can add to your garden that might include health benefits as well. You can consult with different nurseries in the area to help guide you.

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