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Herbalife Nutrition Club Blended & Blessed Is the New Kid on the Block in Germantown in Columbus, Ohio

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs have taken hold in Columbus, Ohio

All you have to do to understand the appeal of a Herbalife Nutrition Club is to look at Blended & Blessed, popular amongst millennials and Gen Zers in the area. Walk into the store, and you will see a menu written in beautiful cursive handwriting announcing the availability of protein-packed energy drinks like Chocolate Brownie Batter Shake, Tiger Lily Tea, and Cream Coffee.

Customers come for the delicious, nutritious Herbalife shakes, and stay for enlightenment and encouragement.

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs are a great place to enjoy a healthy breakfast or a refreshing drink without having to worry about high fat or high sugar content. They are also a great place to come for inspiration, information, and encouragement that supports the whole community’s trek to a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

But there is nothing esoteric about the reason Herbalife independent distributors have found a place in Columbus, Ohio, including Blended & Blessed in Germantown. As the 21-year-old owner of Blended & Blessed’s owner puts it, there is a very simple reason the Colter family opened the shop:

They like the products

The simple fact is that people quickly learn to love the products that leave them feeling good. At a Herbalife Nutrition Club, you get food for your body and food for your spirits in the form of friendly encouragement.

Millions of people think in terms of consuming calories, not taking in nutrition. People like Blended & Blessed’s manager spread the message that it’s OK to not forgo taste and flavor when you have a dependable provider like Herbalife that develops delicious yet nutritious, science-backed products.

Parent organization Herbalife Nutrition thinks that Herbalife Nutrition Clubs — which were the brilliant idea of two Herbalife independent distributors in Mexico about 20 years ago — are a great idea. The $5 billion a year company that operates in 95 countries sells about 70% of its products through Herbalife Nutrition Clubs.

Customers can order products online and for delivery by distributors, but most customers get their Herbalife with a personal touch at a Herbalife Nutrition Club.

The caring people who run Herbalife Nutrition Clubs know that not everyone has the time or money to prepare healthy meals every day. They also know that people need motivation and encouragement to continue a healthy, active lifestyle and to develop good habits.

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs make it possible to budget for good nutrition. A nominal fee for meal replacement shakes, tea, and coffee covers the nutrition they need to get back to earning and living healthy lives. These clubs are also a place for wellness coaching and meeting like-minded people for group exercise sessions. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs are the place to see nutrition in action, every day.

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