7,500 people die in the United States every day. That’s approximately 1 person every 12 seconds

While statistics like that are flashy and certainly get you thinking, they’re also vague.

They leave curious people like us wondering, “What exactly is killing all of these people?”.

To answer that question, we’ve gone ahead and outlined for you the most common types of death in the country. Our hope is that not only will we be able to satiate your curiosity but we’ll also be able to help you avoid some of life’s deadliest assassins.

1. Heart Disease

The number one killer in the United States is heart disease. This killer comes on in a few different ways but typically, heart disease manifests itself in the way of clogged arteries making it so your heart can’t adequately move blood through your body.

If you’re looking to avoid heart disease, your best bet is to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

Also, risk of heart disease increases due to hereditary factors so ask your doctor if you’re at a heightened risk.

2. Cancer

Many people reading this article probably thought that cancer would be the number one killer. Alas, cancer and its various forms come in as the number two most deadly assassin in the country.

There’s no singular underlying cause to cancer. That reality has actually led to a number of cancer medical malpractice cases taking place due to doctors misdiagnosing/mistreating.

Like heart disease though, unhealthy lifestyle habits and hereditary factors are usually what bring about cancerous cell growth in the human body.

3. Accidents

Car crashes, falling off ladders, tumbling off of a canyon when taking a selfie… These are all serious accidents that can (and do) bring about deadly consequences.

It’s hard to prescribe a solution to avoiding accidents. Our best advice is to always stay aware of your surroundings and to never take unnecessary risks.

4. Respiratory Diseases

Without our lungs working properly, our blood can’t take oxygen and move it around our body. Without oxygen, your organs will die.

The importance of a well-functioning respiratory system is why diseases in that area are among the most common types of death in the United States.

Give yourself the best chance of avoiding repository disease by staying away from habits like smoking and by exercising regularly.

5. Stroke

Strokes occur when your brain is not able to get an adequate amount of blood. That blood starvation causes a sort of glitch that can lead to permanent damage.

Stokes occur at the rate of 200,000 cases per year. To avoid becoming a victim, keep your blood pressure low and maintain a healthy weight.

Wrapping Up The Most Common Types of Death in the United States

Were you surprised by the types of death that occur most frequently in the USA? If so, now you know what you really need to watch out for.

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