Here Is Why Sales Employees Make Excellent Marketers

Sales and marketing are very different departments. They can be very similar as well though. A lot of the skills and characteristics of a salesperson and marketer are the same. That is why sales employees can transition easily into marketing.

Why Sales Employees Make Great Marketers

There are a lot of different reasons that a sales employee is a great marketer. A great sales employee has a variety of special skills that make them great at selling. The following sales skills are also perfect for marketing. Finding these skills in an employee will give you a well-rounded asset.

Great Active Listening

Active listening is key to both sales and marketing. Your sales employee should be able to listen to what your customers need and meet their needs. Salespeople can get a bad reputation for being fast talkers.

A good salesperson will listen more than they talk though in order to find out more. This skill can be great for marketing because an active listener can listen to the needs of the business. Listening to what customers need and marketing those needs for the business.


Sales is a tough job. Your top sales employees are only successful if they are resilient. They will hear no a lot from customers. A good salesperson does not let rejection stop them from the next sale. A resilient salesperson will never stop and will accept rejection as part of the process.

This is a great skill for marketing as well. Marketing is always changing, what works for one quarter may not for the next. Resilience helps them roll with the punches and go with marketing trends.


A good sales employee has a good understanding of empathy. They understand where their customers are coming from. Rather than only knowing the needs of the customer they understand why it is a need. How the products fit into the lives of the consumers. Using this empathy can help them reach their customers on a personal level.

Empathy is also needed in marketing. Understanding markets is difficult sometimes. Empathizing with your customers can give you a better understanding. Giving you an edge on market trends and predicting the changes in advance.


Sale employees use preparation to beat the competition. If you are selling face to face to a customer take some time to prepare in advance. The best sales employees take time getting to know their clients before sales meetings. It lets your customers know that they are important to you.

This works in marketing as well, you will meet a lot of people in the marketing world. Business relationships have the same importance as customer relationships. Prepare ahead of marketing meetings to get to know your possible partners. Let them know you find the relationship important.


You will want a sales employee who has motivation for their job. They should always be coming up with sales strategies and sales prospects on their own. The best sales employees have a love of sales and can’t wait to get out there and sell. The same goes for marketing.

You want someone who has a passion for checking and understanding marketing trends. Find someone who has fresh ideas and tries new strategies. The more motivation they have the more effort they will put into the business.


Sales are competitive and the best sales employees have a hunger for competition. This can help them strive for success and work for the top. Marketing is competitive as well. You will be competing with your competition and other business to get a handle on the market. A competitive nature will have your employees always improving.


You should be able to trust your sales employees. If your customers have trust in a salesperson, they are more likely to buy from them. Sales employees can have a negative image if they don’t build trust with their customers. The best employees should make their customers feel comfortable.

Trust in a sales relationship is key for a returning customer. This can be applied to marketing as well. You should know that you can trust your marketers to make good decisions. You should feel comfortable with the strategies they use to market your business.

Social Media Pro

Today a lot of sales happen on social media and online sites. Having good social media skills can help you make sales. A good sales employee will have a strong social media profile. They should be able to use that profile to get sales and new customers. This same skill is a must in marketing. Tons of marketing is on social media now. Using a strong social media marketing strategy is a must these days.

Research Skills

A good sales employee will have strong research skills. They should be able to research customers and find new ones. They should also use those skills to research products and find the best ones for customer needs. Research is a good skill to have for marketing as well. You will need to research different markets and strategies to build on marketing.

The Transition from Sales to Marketing

If you have a fantastic sales employee consider transitioning them to marketing. The skills set that your sales employee has will help them be successful in marketing. Instead of hiring someone new use a strong employee in a new department. These successful skills are why sales employees are perfect for marketing and a good fit for transitioning.

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