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Here’s Why You Really Need to Get Your Hands on a Rechargeable Lantern

Are you going camping? Did the power go out? Need to light up a dark room?

Then you need to get your hands on a rechargeable lantern.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most important benefits of using a rechargeable lantern.

So let’s dive in!

They’re Lightweight

Rechargeable lanterns are lighter than other types of lanterns for two main reasons: material and power source.

First of all, they aren’t made of heavy materials like metal or glass. Some lanterns, especially gas lanterns, need these heavy-duty materials to perform. But this makes them a lot heavier than rechargeable lanterns.

Rechargeable lanterns also aren’t full of gas or loaded with batteries. When you carry a gas lantern around, you have to carry all the gas it needs along with it. Even batteries can add extra weight.

Why does weight matter?

A light lantern gives you more flexibility. It’s easy to carry with you on a camping trip or around at home when the power goes out.

Rechargeable lanterns are often made of plastic and other lightweight materials.

They’re Easy to Use

When you’re lantern is fully charged, all you have to do is turn it on. There’s no refilling the gas or switching out dead batteries involved.

And being user-friendly is key. You don’t want to be stuck at your campsite in the dark scrambling for new batteries.

Is the lantern starting to die?

You can plug it into the charger and use the light at the same time. That means you never have to be without light, no matter where you are.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Gas lanterns and even battery-powered lanterns can harm the environment.


Burning gasoline creates carbon dioxide and releases it into the environment. Carbon dioxide doesn’t just contribute to pollution, it can also cause health problems if you breathe too much of it in.

Batteries can also leak dissolved metals, corrosive liquids, and other chemicals into the environment. This can be toxic for plants and animals, and it can pollute water sources.

Rechargeable batteries don’t pose the same risks to the environment.

Because you can recharge the lanterns again and again, you don’t have to use any type of gas or depend on single-use batteries. This makes rechargeable lanterns a safe and eco-friendly option for people who want to do their part for the world.

They’re Safe

Gas lanterns survive off fuel. But this type of gas is highly flammable. Dropping one of these lanterns, or even just knocking it over, has a risk of starting a fire. Because of this, gas lanterns aren’t always the best option for camping trips with a lot of tents and sleeping bags involved.

This is especially true if you’re camping with children.

Remember, gas lanterns are heavy. A child trying to carry one of these lanterns might drop it. The fall can make the glass shatter or even create a fire.

You can go camping without the worry when you bring rechargeable lanterns instead. Even if you drop them or knock them over, you and your family will stay safe.

They’re Easy to Charge

There’s not one way to charge a rechargeable lantern. You can find lanterns that are compatible with DC plugs, Dynamo crank function, AC plugs, or even solar panels.

Depending on the charging method you choose, you can charge your lantern wherever you go, even if that place is in the middle of nowhere.

This also means you can pick a method that suits your needs. Use a lot of AC plugs already? You can buy a lantern that fits with your equipment instead of buying a bunch of new charging tech.

Make sure you read more about different charging options before you buy your rechargeable lantern.

They Can Save You Money

How can you save money with a rechargeable lantern?

Well, again, you don’t have to buy a bunch of new charging supplies. You can get a lantern that works with the technology you have already.

But that’s not the only way you can save money.

With a rechargeable lantern, you don’t have to keep spending money on gas or new batteries.

That may not sound like much money saved but think of it this way. American households burn through 3 billion batteries every year. While you may only contribute a small portion of that number, that’s still a lot of batteries. And batteries aren’t cheap.

Rechargeable lanterns mean more money in your pocket in the long run.

They Make Packing Easier

When you’re going on a camping trip, all you need is your lantern and your charging method. Both of these things are lightweight and are easy to pack.

Unlike other types of lanterns.

Gas lanterns will require you to pack extra fuel. Not only can this be a fire hazard, but it can also be heavy and take up more space than rechargeable lanterns.

Batteries are easy to toss in a bag, but you have to remember to pack them. And you have to remember where you packed them.

As long as you have your rechargeable lantern and your charging method, you’re good to jump in the car and go.

Why You Need to Get Your Hands on a Rechargeable Lantern

Rechargeable lanterns are easy to use, easy to charge, easy to pack.

You can bring a rechargeable lantern with you on a camping trip and know you’re kids will be safe around it. You can use it at home without worrying about how it’s damaging the environment.

No matter what you need a lantern for, it should always be a rechargeable one.

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