The success of your company’s remodeling or renovations project is pegged on having the right professionals for every area. When it comes to electrical works, you need a qualified and experienced electrical contractor with the resources and capacities to handle commercial electric projects on a large scale for different businesses. Below are five tips from to consider when picking the right electrical contractor when retrofitting or renovating your company premises.

5 Tips to Hire an Experienced Electrical Contractor

1. Gather Industry Sourced Recommendations

Gather Industry Sourced Recommendations

Reach to your network connects within and outside your industry for sound recommendations. You also can source for the same from your family, friends, and other professionals in your industry. When getting the recommendations, pay closer attention to the contractor’s projects and their finished works. Consider consulting local electrical hardware supply stores because they tend to have a list of technicians they can recommend to their customers.

Do not focus on the business owner you are thinking of hiring, but evaluate the commercial electrical company’s overall performance. That means doing thorough background checks to ensure the workers the company sends to you can deliver as expected.

2. Verify Licensing And Insurance

You might save some money by going with the lowest bid on your project, but it can easily turn out to be a short-term score if the commercial electrician you pick lacks the required licensing and insurance for the profession. Every qualified and licensed electrician usa is legally required to carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance, which cover any injuries or accidents that might occur while on the job. Working with a technician that carries the minimum coverage increases the risk of incurring significant losses.

Therefore, always ask the contractor to present their insurance certificates before hiring. They should have this information at hand when requested. Working with bonded contractors means that you are covered if the technician bails and disappears halfway through your project.

3. Assess Credentials And Training

Assess Credentials And Training

When evaluating the electrician’s experience and expertise, you should base your decision on their past work. Consider finding out if they have proper licenses and accreditations. For instance, the Unlimited Electrical Contractor License is the highest in the state of Florida. A company or contractor with such a license is qualified to handle any electrical project. Please note that there are licenses for other fields or specialties live low voltage, fire alarms, and more. The technicians might also be state-licensed and licensed by their local county as Journeyman or Master electrician. Furthermore, a “card-carrying” electrician will have passed a basic test on code requirements.

Ask the electrical contractor what job sizes they handle and the kinds of projects they have taken in the past. Avoid hiring a technician or company conducting its first “big project” or that will be pushed to its financial limits to work for you. One of the red flags to watch out for is if they ask for a significant down payment or requesting you buy the materials. It is a sign that the electrician is not financially stable.

4. Check Reviews And References

Reference still hold significant meaning in the digital world. It is tied to the professional’s past work record and influences their potential to deliver. The contractor should hand you a list of prior clients you can call to inquire about their satisfaction with the work done. You can prioritize or focus more on any projects the electrician handled recently that are similar to what you want to be done on your business premises. While doing this might be time-consuming, especially when you have more than two potential contractors you are considering for the job, get in touch with the top three or five picks from the list.

You can look up each electrical technician or company online, visit their website, and read reviews to help you make an informed choice. Search for customer testimonials, online portfolios, and other relevant information regarding the contractor or company. As you do this, please keep in mind that the internet is a vast information resource, but it isn’t completely dependable because not everything you find is accurate or factual.

5. Evaluate Experience With Commercial Projects

Evaluate Experience With Commercial Projects

As you review your notes to make your decision, do not forget that cost will be a vital factor that must influence your decision. Strive to get your money’s worth, which means going for an electrical company with lots of experience in commercial buildings.

If you find it hard to make your pick, consider reaching out to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or local groups that evaluate businesses and their products or services.  Start with the local building department when looking up a qualified contractor’s professional record. You can find out how often the electrician pulls permits and the kind of work they most prefer. Stay away from an electrician who is unknown to the electrical inspector or local building department.

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