When 20% of businesses fail within two years, it’s important to make sure you’re making smart decisions from the beginning.

As your small business grows, one of the best decisions it can make is to hire payroll services. Outsourced payroll services bring many benefits to your company, from freeing up time to saving you money in the long run. But you only enjoy these benefits if you hire the right company.

Keep reading for three tips to consider when hiring payroll services for small business success.

1. Client Reviews

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When you’re considering your options for small business payroll services, make sure to check their reviews. Clients will share their stories of how they experienced the payroll service provider, and this can give you an indication of your potential experience.

Make sure to look for experience relating to deadlines, professionalism, and any mistakes and how the company handled them.

2. Specialized Technology

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As financial services get more tech-savvy, it’s important that the company you hire is embracing this new technology. This means they use up-to-date software and have strong digital security.

New technology means the payroll service is more likely to be error-free. These services also let you and your employees log in so you can all see the live status of your information and update or download documents as needed. This way, your employees can catch any errors early enough to fix them.

It’s also important to look for companies using software that is built for your business structure. A helpful starting point is to look for online payroll services for small business needs.

Small businesses operate differently when it comes to payroll, so it’s helpful to find a company specializing in this. As your company gets bigger, you can re-evaluate your payroll services needs.

3. Contract Length

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Even if you find the perfect small business payroll company, you don’t want to commit to them for too long at first. It’s a good business decision to keep a short initial contract while you test things out.

Preferably the company offers a month-to-month contract, but if not then look for a three- or six-month contract.

If a company is only willing to offer you a year or multi-year contract with no trial period, it’s a red flag. A good business will offer you a trial period of some kind to convince you they’re worth it, while a less reputable company with might look to lock you in.

Payroll Services for Small Business Success

The trick to payroll services for small business success is keeping these tips in mind when hiring someone. Always check out client reviews and what kind of technology the company is using. And if you don’t want to be locked into a bad contract, make sure you’re keeping them short while you test things out.

Now you’re all set to find the right payroll service for your small business!

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