The typical car accident settlement amount for bodily injuries is around $15,785. If you’ve been in an auto accident, or know someone that has, it’s important to know what you’re eligible for and the next steps to take.

In order to do this, you need the best accident lawyer in your corner, to counsel you and represent you.

Check out these common mistakes to avoid when hiring an accident lawyer so that you can find the right person.

Not Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Workplace Accident

You wouldn’t hire a criminal lawyer to handle a divorce case, and the same goes for accident lawyers. Finding the best law firm begins with doing research within the personal injury and accident law niche specifically.

Avoid full-service or general law firms, regardless of how reputable they are. You should be looking for a lawyer that understands the nuances of your case and this comes with plenty of experience in cases similar to yours.

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Not Hiring a Local Lawyer

Geography and location are often overlooked when hiring a lawyer β€” don’t make this mistake. There are two reasons why hiring a local lawyer is important.

First of all, local and state laws differ from nationwide laws. The best lawyer will have experience and knowledge of law within your region.

Secondly, having your lawyer close by is a huge win. You will be able to meet in person more regularly and develop a better working relationship. This is important for your peace of mind and the success of your case.

When should I report an accident

Hiring a Lawyer Without Doing Your Research

Is the law firm reputable? What is the success rate? What experience does the lawyer have? These are some of the many important questions you need to know before hiring a lawyer.

If you’ve sustained injuries and are looking for a settlement, you may be tempted to hire a lawyer quickly to get the process moving. However, it’s important that you do your research.

Check online reviews, ask questions, and speak to people you trust to find the best person to handle your case.

Hiring a Lawyer Who Won’t Go to Trial

Many accident lawyers are keen to get a settlement offer negotiated and signed off as quickly as possible. This could leave you with a small, inadequate settlement.

Sample letter for car accident insurance claim

The lawyer that you hire shouldn’t hesitate to take your case to trial if needed. Look for someone who is not only willing to go that extra mile if necessary but who also has the experience to represent you in court.

Hire the Best Accident Lawyer

To find the best accident lawyer it’s important to avoid these common mistakes. Take your time, do your research and settle on someone who is experienced and will represent you effectively.

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