All car accidents are bad. Even non-severe car accidents can take painstakingly long to clear and can adversely affect your insurance premiums. However, the worst type of accident one can have is a hit and run case where the culprit flees the scene of the accident without waiting for the police to arrive.

Hit and run cases can be infuriating as you have no one to blame for the physical and economic damages inflicted on you. As the culprit has fled you are left at the mercy of the police to investigate the case and hopefully catch the responsible party.

But who is going to pay for all that damage caused to your vehicle? All those medical bills that you had to pay for the injuries you sustained as a cause of the accident? And what about all those missed hours of work?

Add that up and the cost of that accident (which you had no fault in) piles up to a substantial amount. Who is to pay for all that if the responsible party is never caught or brought forward?

When it comes to hit and run accidents in Florida, you are in luck as Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state. What this essentially means is that even if the person who caused the accident had remained on the scene you would still have to go through your own insurance provider to claim compensation for damages.

The same applies in the case of a hit and run accident. You are protected by your insurance company against personal injury, uninsured or underinsured motorist protection, and finding the At-fault driver.

However, in the case of a hit and run, all of this can be a real legal battle and after a horrific hit and run accident what you really want on your side is a Gainesville accident attorney who will help ensure that you get the compensation amount you deserve from your insurance provider.

How Can An Accident Attorney Help You If You End Up Getting Hurt In A Hit & Run Scenario?

There are many ways a Gainesville attorney can help the victims of a hit and run. They can help in the gathering of evidence that is vital if you are to get anything out of your insurance provider. Things like pictures, medical reports, CCTV footage, and witness statements have to be presented to the insurance provider to make a strong case for compensation. Your attorney will take care of gathering the evidence while you recover and get better.

An accident attorney will also help in proving liability if the hit and run driver is found and confiscated. The attorney will help gather the evidence needed to ensure that the drive is held responsible for the accident and therefore at fault.

Most importantly an attorney will help you in ensuring that your insurance company is held accountable for all compensations. No low ball settlements or constant delays and excuses. Hiring an accident attorney can drastically increase the chances of you getting a much better settlement offer from your insurance provider and that too in a timely manner.

Finally, an attorney will also help build up a case where you get the compensation that you deserve. Not just your medical bills, all that time off work, and the stress and pain you have had to suffer – all of that needs to be compensated and accounted for!

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