Startup companies have really changed the way we think of offices. They’ve shown the corporate the world that it’s not always necessary to have a workplace that is stuffy and uptight.

In fact, trendy offices have increased in popularity across many industries. Why is this? Well, there are a number of reasons. Work environments that are more relaxed tend to encourage creativity and are great places for generating innovative ideas.

When employees are given the opportunity to free their minds from focusing on the task at hand, it allows them to think outside the box. This is especially true of offices withΒ trendy break rooms, a more casual dress code, and areas for games such as pool tables.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you’ll discover by providing your employees with a pool table in the office.

Hit the Pool: 8 Reasons Your Office Needs a Pool Table

Does your office need a little more excitement? A pool table could be the perfect thing for it, so read on for 8 reasons you need to get an office pool table.

1. Gives Your Eyes a Break

Few things are as taxing on the eyes and mind as staring at a computer screen all day. In fact, this is one of the leading causes of exhaustion and fatigue in the modern corporate environment.

Experts in healthy office practices encourage employers to find ways to get employees away from their desks for a certain amount of time each day to give their eyes, bodies, and minds a break.

When your eyes become strained, it lowers your ability to focus and reduces productivity. This is where a pool table becomes the ideal way to relax and recover.

2. Increases Productivity

This might seem contrary to logic, but it’s actually true. One of the best things you can do to increase productivity is to provide your employees with the freedom to step away from their desks and disengage from their work for a period of time each day.

Many companies frown at this concept, but results don’t lie. The reality is that taking regular breaks helps employees get more work done.

It’s a chance to recharge. After all, mental concentration is exhausting, and the brain becomes fatigued and is less efficient and therefore less productive. Thus the need for periodic breaks from work through the day.

3. Increases Office Morale

It’s really amazing the impact of having a bit of fun can make in a work environment. So much pressure is put on the entire corporate structure, causing anxiety and depression to rise and take a toll.

A pool table doesn’t seem like much, yet simply disengaging from work for a few minutes has proven to have a tremendous impact on morale within the workplace.

4. It’s a Great Way to Relieve Stress

Studies have revealed the toll that stress takes on employees, both at the office and at home. In fact, stress is a silent killer that leads to a variety of health issues and diseases, including cancer.

Recreational actives such as playing a game of pool naturally lower stress levels by temporarily distracting the mind. When the mind is focused on a stressful task, the mind and body react negatively.

Pool help to distract the mind, allowing stress to melt away.

5. It’s a Great Way for Employees to Interact

One of the major benefits of having a pool table in the office is the way it enables interaction. Employees from different departments and teams are able to talk, laugh, and communicate in a more natural way they might not be able to otherwise.

This kind of interaction is valuable for productivity as well. Because members of your team can still discuss work. And yet the game frees up their minds so that they are able to approach tasks and problem-solving from a fresh angle, and to view challenges from a new perspective.

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6. It Shows That You Care About More than Just the Bottomline

Another important factor in introducing a billiard table into the work environment is that it demonstrates to your team that you care about them as people. It’s easy for employees to feel overlooked and overworked.

And thus it’s all too common for employees to feel that they are only appreciated for the financial value they add to the company. It’s vital for morale and productivity for employees to feel valued as human beings rather than simply as cogs in the machinery.

When employees are granted time to decompress with activities like playing pool, they are able to feel human again, and to stay in touch with that part of themselves that is often forgotten within a corporate environment.

7. It Will Help You Become a Stronger Team

The simple truth is that team members need to have the opportunity to interact and bond. This is good for business and healthy for them as human beings. Interacting in a leisurely way helps build trust, as well as allowing them to see sides of each other’s personality they might not be able to otherwise.

8. Helps Increase Focus

Again, this might seem contrary to traditional perception, but recreational activities such as pool help employees sustain focus for longer periods of time. Remember that the mind requires rest. Thus stepping away from the desk during the day actually adds value to the hours spent focused on important projects.

The Value of Having Fun at Work

Times are changing. More and more companies are waking up to the fact that employees do better work when they have time to relax during the day. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… or something like that.

Having pool tables at the office is a great way to not only increase productivity, but also to get the very best out of your employees while letting them recharge their batteries in the process!

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