The latest display features:

  • one 360o pre-war life of Jews’ montage
  • drawings of around 1.5M Jewish children recreated which were killed in Holocaust
  • survivor testimonies recorded
  • massive book volumes listing names of around 4.2M Jewish victims which were painstakingly recovered by Yad Vashem

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu opened one Holocaust exhibition over Auschwitz Nazi camp site located in south of Poland.

Display in the Block 27 puts the previous camp in broad context of systematic attempt of Nazi of Germany in wiping out Jewish population of Europe.

It’s overseen by institute of Yad Vashem Holocaust, of Israel.According to Prime Minister of Israel, Jews still were under threat.In Warsaw, earlier, Mr Netanyahu blamed Iran of planning about the latest Holocaust.The permanent new Shoah exhibition replaced the deteriorated one installed in the 1960s era of communists in Poland.

It happens to be a powerful and impressive exhibition. A prayer could be heard by entering darkened room. Next room shows panorama of the slides as well as video of the pre-war life of Jews in Europe. A room is for the Nazi ideology, demonstrating video of the speeches by Goebbels and Hitler. A map shows the numerous extermination sites of Jews across Europe. A very moving display basically highlights 1.5M Jewish children killed by Nazis.

Also, there’s Book of Names, with fifty-eight volumes, aiming to list names of all 6M Holocaust victims. There is one room for the visitors so they can sit and ponder over the horrors just seen by them.

He visited the exhibition on Thursday, at former camp prior to making speech in opening ceremony.

Original exhibition of Jews at Auschwitz basically dates back to 1960s but was neglected and so prompted Israeli government now to decide on the revamp.

Estimated 1M Jews, along with other 100,000 people having different backgrounds and ethnicities, died in the camp adjacent to Birkenau and in Auschwitz, from starvation or in the gas chambers, forced labour and disease.

A visit to Polish capital by Mr Netanyahu on Wednesday was also used in warning that Iran now was major threat for Jews.

On Friday, Iranians intend to go to polls to elect new president.According to Mr Netanyahu, on Friday, Iranian election will not change anything in Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons quest.

He said that was the regime which was making nuclear weapons only to annihilate 6M Jews of Israel and that he wouldn’t allow one more Holocaust.

Tehran has denied that it sought to acquire the nuclear weapons.In Israel, Iran is considered a threat due to its rhetoric that is aggressive, its militant groups’ support in region, its missiles’ arsenal as well as its work with nuclear energy.

However, the critics of prime minister of Israel blamed him of having Holocaust cited much frequently in Iran’s context.

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