The popularity of home theaters has skyrocketed in recent years. As home theater equipment has become more affordable, more people have looked into home cinema installation.

The article will give you 5 home cinema installation tips and tricks you can use when setting up your home theater.

1. Pick a Spot

Whether you are using a large 86” screen tv or setting up movie screens for home theater finding the optimal viewing distance can greatly enhance your home cinema experience. To find how far away you should place the seating from the screen using this equation.

Take the display’s diagonal screen size and multiply it by 2. That is how far back you need to set your seating.

Sitting too close to the screen can cause eye strain and it can lead to long-term eye damage. If you have trouble seeing the screen from the correct distance see an eye doctor. This could be a sign of nearsightedness.

2. Use Surround Sound for Large Rooms

Surround sound is a complex audio setup involving up to 6 total channels or speakers: one center speaker, a right speaker, left speaker, two speakers in the rear, and a subwoofer.

Most people have a difficult time with the rear speaker placement. Sometimes you may be lucky to have a shelf or another piece of furniture to place the speaker on. If not, you can always attach the rear speakers to the upper corners of the wall.

Move the speakers around while playing a movie until you find the right spot for the acoustics of your home movie theater.

3. Use a Soundbar for Small Rooms

One of the often-overlooked home movie theater tips is to not go overboard on sound. If your room is small surround sound could be too much. Instead, try using a soundbar.

Most modern TVs already have pretty good sound quality but a soundbar can help kick things up a notch without shaking the walls of your home.

When building a home movie theater. Choose a soundbar that has a low-profile and fits nicely in with your tv or audio equipment. Some even sit right above or below your TV.

4. Prepare for 3D

If you are looking for how to build a home cinema that is capable of showing 3D movies, we have a few tips for you.

If you plan on watching a lot of 3D movies make sure your seating has stiff backs. Why? Tilting you head to one side or the other can ruin the 3D effects.

Choose a chair with a stiff back that helps you avoid slouching or lounging so you are in the right seating position to be able to see the 3D effects of the movie.

5. Watch Out for Glare

Take a look at how much light enters your room at various times of the day. Light can create a bad glare on the screen making it difficult to watch your movies.

If you have to set up your home theater in a room with lots of light consider installing blackout curtains to help keep the room as dark as possible and reduce the glare.

Home Cinema Installation Is Easy

Home cinema installation doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these 5 tips and tricks when you are installing your new home theater to achieve the optimal theater settings.

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