Revolv Smart Home Solution Wi-Fi Hub seems to simplify the control for huge variety of the appliances connected smartly. Using home’s existing network of Wi-Fi as well as smart devices, hub could control the things from afar and near.

It is happening all fast. Our homes in-hand are getting just out of our hand. The increasing availability of the connected appliances as well as gadgets might bring the convenience that’s always at one’s fingertips, though it brings clutter also. Not necessarily the physical clutter, though the clutter which dominates smartphones and tablets all around: app clutter.

When we are talking about the entry systems, thermostats, lighting, and even smartly connected appliances need an application for controlling them. It is of course what makes these convenient; having been able to have everything controlled by tapping over some icons was a dream from the time 1st remote control came into the world of channel surfing of TVs. And just like TV remote controls, as time passed, the increased control brought along with it some layers of increased complication.

Revolv Smart Home Solution Wi-Fi Hub at $299 and available in this fall is designed for being one central control as regards a huge variety of the devices and hub plugs in one electrical outlet that’s standard and it connects to the existing network of Wi-Fi at home. Through the free cloud service connectivity plan and the associated app, hub would be that one device within the house which could control everything.

Only one app for controlling everything might be ultimate dream; also, it keeps drawing closer. Company is confident that in coming months this would be quite compatible with the 95% of devices available commercially, with many others already capable to communicate with hub (including music system by Sonos, wireless Hue lighting by Philips, as well as automated locks by Yale). Actions created by user take control much further. For instance, the events could be not only triggered by the time of the day, but by location also, actually making this easier to just control everything as compared to the push by a button.

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