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Hong Kong Limited Company

In case you are planning to build a Hong Kong Limited Company, I would suggest that you read through this whole article to be best prepared when you go for the registration and after that for running the company in the best possible way.

Hong Kong Benefits

A Hong Kong Private Limited Company provides numerous advantages, for example:

  • Limited Accountability

Sharers aren’t individually responsible for the debts of the company. Accountability is a limited sharer’s expense.

  • Privacy

The titles of a PLC’s holder of shares are entered in the governmental documents. However, there is also an alternative to select candidate sharers.

  •  No Least Entitled Resources

There are no least entitled resources for a Limited Company.

  • English

Also, English is the second-language of HK, and therefore, can be employed in all the business papers and state recordings.


All Limited Companies have to file with the HK Companies Registry, that’s necessitated by the Business Registration Ordinance by recording the “Memorandum” as well as the Articles of Association and then will get the Business Registration Certificate and also the Certificate of Incorporation.

Company certification helps to inform the Inland Revenue Department of the establishing of a company in HK that might be subjected to the paying of a charge on its earnings.

The Company and Business Registration Service were together started by the Inland Revenue Department and also the Companies Registry in February of 2011 to concurrently list a company with both the bureaus at the very same time.

Business Title

An HK Limited Company mustn’t employ a title matching any of the former HK companies or enterprises. Titles may be in English or Chinese, or it can even be in both. Limited Companies are obstructed from utilizing particular terms in their titles linking to a relationship with administrational organizations or authorized pursuits without any power.

Company Address as well as a Regional Representative

Every Limited Company needs to have a regional company place. Nevertheless, a certified representative isn’t necessitated because the organization superintendent performs the part of a standard licensed representative.


At the very least, one of the sharers is obligated to create a Limited Company that can be a real self, or a company remaining anyplace on the whole planet.

Officers and Directors

At the very least, one executive for the company needs to be selected who is a resident and a citizen of any nation but can’t be a licensed entity like an organization. The single sharer can be the executive. Sharers won’t be included in the control of the business, as that is the executive’s position. Sharers also have the power to confer on specific decisions, including but not limited to electing a council of executives.

The executive can take out money from the organization in the frame of executive compensation to lessen the earnings charge, which is charged at a more significant proportion than that of the individual earnings charge.

A business superintendent is a single manager who manages a limited company and can be a real person as well as an organization. The firm superintendent needs to live in HK. If the firm superintendent is a company, it needs to have its area of interest or a recorded agency in HK.

If the Limited Company has just one executive, he can’t be the organization superintendent as well.


No profit charges are taxed if the single origin of profit is created, not in HK. The charge percentage is 16.5% for all the earnings received from assets present in HK. The charge is compensated by the corporation, not the sharers. Yearly tax records are registered by the Inland Revenue Department.

At the time of the hiring of an agent, the composed report needs to be delivered to Commissioner of Inland Revenue not after more than 90 days following the time of enlisting for such job, telling:

  •       The person’s complete name as well as his address
  •       The time he started the job
  •       Contracting agreements

Public Records

HK’s Public Registry will have complete particulars concerning a company’s sharers and executives. Though sharers can elect candidates for privacy.

Accounting and also the Account Obligations

Every HK business needs to record yearly incomes giving complete data concerning its executives as well as its sharers.

Usually, HK businesses need to register audited monetary records. Furthermore, little companies can petition for the “reporting exemption” so that they can record uncomplicated financial records.

HK businesses are obliged to keep reports in English or Chinese so that the documents can be efficiently read. The fine for not complying without plausible justification is at HK$100,000.

Yearly General Meeting

Yearly company conferences aren’t necessitated, but if they take place, they can be carried out in any nation; Hong Kong or any other.

Time Needed for Filing

A company is usually recorded within a single day.

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