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Hospital In Your Pocket Is Just Not Ready Yet – No Matter What Skin Cancer Detecting Apps Say

There are now so many apps which are challenging to be the best cancer detectors. They are claiming to be completely accurate with no chances of any mistake and there are no risks but the reality has been revealed by the world class dermatologists and the Oxford team. According to the study group right now it is not possible for the technology to replace the computers and machines through which the dermatologists take a patient’s skin test. The theory has been accepted by every approved dermatologist that although the innovation is a very revolutionary and it opens great doors of possibilities but right now it has just been in a form where we can say that a remarkable idea has been given a shape otherwise it is not at all of any use now.

The app creators don’t think about the health and safety of people when they are advertising their apps and gadgets by saying that they are risk free and error free. The act is simply selfish. It cannot be said that their claims are completely fake and untrue but neither can it be said that they are 100% accurate. There are some apps which were able to detect cancer skin or area but the chances were just like detecting 20 times out of 100 times correctly. Cancer patients are very sensitive and if any patient does not take his routine checkup due to these apps and the app keeps on showing him as normal then definitely that person will end up on his death bed.

The cancer specialists have explained it thoroughly so that there is no chance of error for the person who thinks that mobile apps are the replacements for the routine skin checkups from a dermatologist. The reason is that the technology which is essential to detect the cancer affected area properly is not yet enabled to transfer into small chips let alone so small that the technology can be converted into an application. These applications are just there as a step towards a technology but they have been launched in the market as a finishing product.

There is no thinking done for the people in this project. The sole process of this product is to increase the sales of the gadget only there is no thinking done for the betterment of the people neither is there any health benefits presented for the people. The idea is remarkable in its own place but launching it in the market as while it is not finished yet is not a better step to take if you think from the point of view to do better for the people. There are so many disadvantages of having this app which even surpasses the advantages of having it.

People who believe in this app that it works correctly will skip their daily checkups and it might happen that a cancerous growth will get a chance to stay undetected in their body system and cancer is not a minor disease which will cure itself in fact once it gets a chance to prevail inside the body system then that is when cancer starts to become seriously dangerous. The patient will keep on going without any medication and treatment and the cancer will become deadly or incurable all the while with the passage of time. It is a disease which doesn’t even has the confirmed guarantee that on receiving the right treatment it will get cured and the patient stays on risk all the time but what these cancers detecting apps are doing is just like pushing the person towards his own death by yourself. The patient will become the cause of his own death. The grave reality is not being realized by the companies that they are making a deadly mistake and are urging people to take a risk on their lives.

However there are some people who are neither against nor with the application. According to them these cancer detecting applications are good for a person when he has no resources for a costly check up but at the same time they are also not the believers of people completely relying on a cell phone app for cancer detection. They believe that it is good for reducing the anxiety which comes when test results of such serious matter are pending and for emergency situations but as soon as you get the chance you should confirm the results by taking a real medical dermatological test. On the other hand the app creators should wait to give a finishing shape to the app before launching it.

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