Social media can be a great inspiration for small business owners to start and run a successful business. It helps them get new ideas from what they read on various platforms, and when you have started your business, you can connect with your potential clients efficiently through social media platforms. So, how can the latest trend of short haircuts for women in social networks help you start a business? Many people have done it, and you can do it too. For instance, Rachael Duston built a successful cake business on Instagram.

However, you need to be careful, since this can be a distracting time-waster, or even fail by alienating clients and prospects. Here are some short haircuts for women in social networks you can get inspiration from and start a great business. Take a look. 

1. Keira Knightley.

If we mention Keira, we cannot talk much about her without mentioning its next level haircut that is quite textured. The eye-sweeping bangs are something that stands out in this haircut.

2. Damaris Goddrie.

This celebrity is known for wearing her defined curls that can look beautiful even in you. You can always choose tight ringlets to boost the dimension of your hairstyle. What a great idea!

How Can Trend of Short Haircuts for Women in Social Networks Help You Start A Business

3. Karrueche Tran.

For great haircuts for women that exudes great elegance, then choose this Karrueche hairstyle that is the trendiest vibe right now. This is an excellent look for clients with a heart-shaped face.

4. Victoria Beckham.

When it comes to Beckham’s hairstyles, you can write an entire book on “how to rock cool short hairstyles for women” however, for now just see how you can style tousled lob for your clients.

5. Sienna Miller.

If you need low maintenance short hairstyles for women to give your clients a fancy look, then you need to romanticise your bob with beautiful tips like Miller. That is a simple dress that will make the difference from the other bobs.

6. Halle Berry.

We cannot discuss haircuts for women without mentioning the iconic pixie cut of Berry. There are many justifications why you need to include this hairstyle in your hairstyles chart.

How Can Trend of Short Haircuts for Women in Social Networks Help You Start A Business

7. Robin Wright.

You might have lived a significant part of your life knowing that super-short haircuts cannot be paired perfectly with side-swept bangs. However, this Wright’s super short haircut proves you otherwise.

8. Meagan Good.

You will immediately understand why this Good’s haircut is trendy this year when you see her rocking it. The bright blonde pixie haircut looks great on her dark skin, and that perfectly complements her skin colour. 

9. Tilda Swinton.

Swinton shows us how to rock structural cuts beautifully. There are only three words which can describe this haircut as it is; cooler than cool.

10. Rose McGowan.

This McGowan’s wispy textured haircut is something everyone would want to try given its fantastic shine. The hairstyle is rocker-chic.

11. Elizabeth Moss.

This exaggerated bang worn by Moss is a classic example of how to style your layers so they can work how you want them. Including many layers on your style improves dimension and volume.

12. Karen Gillan.

This is among the tried and proven ways to make things simple and manage the fuss of your hair when it comes to styling short haircuts for women. It is an excellent slick-back style. Like Gillan enhance the shape of your cropped haircut by cutting a deep side part.

13. Rachael Wood.

The stark shade of Wood’s hairstyle livens up the show. Wood’s cool-gray colour dramatically blends into black roots to tell a fascinating story.

14. Audrey Tautou.

There are many just-come-from bed looks that look great with short hair. Give a shot to this Tautou’s textured style, and you will not be disappointed. It gives an excellent face-framing.

15. Lupita Nyong’o.

If we start choosing one of the haircuts for women rocked by Lupita Nyong’o, it will take us the entire month. She sincerely needs her own short hairstyles gallery since this lady makes magic with her natural black hair. Wondering whether to choose a buzz cut or an afro, you can rock both just like Lupita.

16. Lucy Boynton.

You don’t need to smooth down the flyways; you can instead work with them as Boynton does.

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