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How can you protect your driving license during a DUI or DWI?

If a person finds himself or herself facing a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) charge, he or she needs to deal with two distinct legal matters – the criminal charge and the administrative proceeding. The legal charge demands the presence of an expert attorney, who specializes in DUI cases. Losing a driving license can change the way you travel, socialize and work. At, the lawyers understand the challenge people of Maryland can face after a DUI charge. Therefore, you will always find expert counsel, whenever you need legal help with your DUI charges.

What do DUI and BAC mean in Maryland?

Many people believe that the laws of Maryland are too stringent for DUI offenses. However, current data shows that there are over 7880 car crashes due to drunken driving or driving under the influence of drugs across the state. Among them, close to 170 are fatal crashes, and all of these accidents result in over 4026 injuries across the state of Maryland. Since 2015, DUI cases have been responsible for over one-third of the accidents state-wide.

Immediately after a police officer stops you for drunken driving, he or she will ask you to take a field sobriety test. In case the officer arrests you for driving under the influence, he or she will advise you of your rights before asking for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. The BAC states the concentration of alcohol present in 100 mL of your blood. The permissible level for driving automobiles is 0.08 BAC. That refers to 80 mg alcohol in 100 mL blood. Anyone with more than 0.08 BAC can receive an Order of Suspension along with the traffic citations. In such a case, the police officer can confiscate your Maryland driving license and issue a temporary license for the next 45-days.

How does a DUI affect one’s life?

A temporary license prohibits the holder from driving any vehicle with any level of alcohol in his or her blood. If you have a prior DUI, you may already have an alcohol restriction license. In case you are unsure about the type of license you have, contact your Maryland DUI attorney immediately for more information. The Administration or Court usually places an alcohol restriction on the license of a DUI offender. Carrying an alcohol restriction license means that you have to submit to a chemical alcohol test whenever an officer suspects you of driving under the influence.

What are the other options for a DUI convict?

A DUI charge in Maryland can also impose ignition interlock on your vehicle. It happens when the driver “opts in” for the interlock ignition program instead of serving the Administrative Per Se suspension period. It is a system that keeps drunk and impaired drivers off the road. At the same time, it allows the vehicle owner or driver to continue driving while sober. It couples a portable Breathalyzer with the ignition system of the vehicle. It prevents the car from starting in case the driver’s alcohol levels exceed the setting on the interlock. In typical situations, a BAC level above 0.025 prevents the automobile from starting. During the daily use, the device records user information that the Service Provider in Maryland reviews every 30-days.

Why is DUI serious for commercial drivers?

The DUI offense is often more severe for commercial drivers. If you were driving a commercial vehicle or were in possession of a commercial driver’s license at the time of the test/arrest, you might be facing the disqualification of your commercial driving status. Commercial driving license holders require immediate legal help to save their job and license.

What happens when the driver is from out of Maryland?

Even when a driver bears a license from out-of-state, the Maryland DUI officer can stop the driver within the state lines. Then the state court or administration may forward the DUI/DWI charges to his or her home state. Therefore, any traveler or businessman traveling through the state requires the contact of a reliable and experienced DUI attorney. The Maryland DUI laws are different from that of the other states. They can give create confusion and misjudgment due to the lack of information. An expert lawyer can help any non-resident out by providing the best actionable advice that can prevent the suspension of their license or the imposition of an ignition interlock on their vehicle.

Why does every driver need an expert DUI/DWI attorney on speed dial?

Here are more reasons why someone facing DUI charges requires expert legal counsel –

If you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Maryland, you could be looking at –

  1. A penalty of up to $1000 and up to one year jail time. The state can revoke your driving license for up to six months.
  2. For second time offenders, the penalties can be up to $2000, and the imprisonment can be for up to 2 years. The mandatory minimum is five days. The state can revoke the license for up to one year.

In both cases, the administration will assess 12 points from the driving license.

  1. For repetitive convictions within a period of 5 years, the perpetrator can receive a minimum mandatory ignition interlock period along with a mandatory suspension period.
  2. You can also receive orders for compulsory participation in alcohol abuse assessment programs.

For those facing driving while impaired (DWI) charges –

  1. First-time offenders may have to pay $500 penalty along with two months of imprisonment. He or she can be up for a six-month license suspension. For drivers under 21-years of age, the suspension can be for one year.
  2. For a second-time DWI offender, the penalties are up to $500, but there can be one-year imprisonment. He or she can face license suspension for up to 9 to 12 months.

In both the cases, the administration will assess 8 points from the driving record.

Once a person accumulates between 8 and 11 points in two years, the administration reserves the right to suspend the driver’s license. Accumulation of more than 12 points can result in the revocation of the license. If you are facing the risk of a license suspension or cancellation, you can request a hearing with the help of your DUI attorney. It is imperative to find the best DUI and automobile accident attorney in Maryland to appeal your license revocation case as soon as possible.

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