It’s an immutable fact of life that debt relief is a lot more difficult to get than the debt itself. Perhaps that’s why debt relief is so much harder to get than the debt itself. Regardless, once people get into debt–serious debt–most would do virtually anything to get out of it. Unfortunately, what most people won’t tell you is that there are plenty of people in the business of debt that absolutely love having you in that position. After all, when you are in debt, they are making money. It naturally follows that getting out of debt is not something many people want to see you do, and getting out of debt is also as much as outsmarting these folks as it is changing your beliefs about money and spending it.

It is the purpose of this article to put a lot of what people think about debt on its ear, and providing you debt consolidation tips (translation: a cheaper way that you can do yourself) of getting out of debt quickly and easily. If you perform these steps one by one, in the order listed, you will get out of debt. Period. Better yet, you will have a bright new debt-free life on the other side as a result.

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1. Determine where you are.

In a shockingly larger number of cases, most people simply don’t have any idea how much they owe, how much and to who. Further, if you want to get out of debt, you need to know how much you owe and to whom. Exactly. Down to the penny.

2. Say hello and goodbye.

By the time you get into serious debt, there will be a lot of people who already know it. Part of this group of people–the ones you want to pay, but can’t–you want to be nice to. The other group–the ones that say they want to help you with various tools–credit counseling, debt consolidation loans, etc.–you want to get rid of. This latter group will do nothing but cost you more money.

3. Assemble your tools.

Congratulations. If you have performed those first two steps, you are well on your way to fixing your debt problem. Next, you need to understand that there are a lot of resources on the Internet that will help you pay your debts quickly and easily. These include financial tools such as and Whichever you choose to use first, go to this site for having better guidelines.

4. Finally, what you have been waiting for.

the fail safe guide to paying off debt, no matter how much you owe: the snowball method. With the snowball method, you determine how much debt you have, determine what you can afford to pay to each one, then pay it, on time. Obviously, none of your debts will be the same amount, and after a short time you will have paid off the small debts first. But instead of taking the money that you would have sent those creditors, use that amount and apply it to one of the other debts in addition to what you would have already paid them.

Here’s an oversimplified example: You owe $6,000 to three creditors, one you owe $1000, the second, $2,000, and a third, $3,000. You agree to pay each creditor monthly at least $500, which you do the first and second month. By doing this, you now owe the first credit nothing since you have paid off your balance with him. That same $500 monthly payment has reduced the balances owed to the second and third creditors to $1,000 and $2,000 respectively. The third month, however, your debt has been reduced by $3,000. Months three and four you continue to pay the second and third creditor, except you can now pay the second creditor what you promised, in addition to what you would have paid the first creditor, or a total of $1,000. This will pay off the second creditor. For the final fourth and fifth month, you will continue to pay what you agreed to, except with the additional money you would have paid to creditors one and two. After this is paid to the third creditor, you have no more debt. Enjoy it, you are free.

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