On the weekends we are too tired from working 40+ hours at the office and on the weekdays, we spend the better part of our time at our desks. Numerous recent research work shows that long periods of sitting is terrible for health. Irrespective of age, it reduces the blood flow to the lower extremities. Many of us spend more than 8 hours sitting at our job desks. It increases the risk of plaque build-up in the arteries, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Desk jobs take a considerable toll on mental health as well. Besides increasing stress, it exacerbates symptoms of anxiety and depression among the employees.

A recent study shows that the time one spends sitting influences the probability of early mortality. While that is a terrifying find, what can people do to decrease the threats of a sedentary lifestyle, especially when their employers pay them to sit at their desk and finish their jobs? Many offices still pay overtime depending on the post-office, extra hours their employees spend in their cubicles. That does not motivate a person to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle at all.

How can you improve your fitness at your workplace?

Many employees and fitness experts are of the opinion that setting an hourly alarm can help people achieve a healthy routine. The alarm can remind them to walk around and do a few stretches. Walking around for even 5 to 10 minutes every hour or so can elevate your mood, but not all workplaces give their employees that kind of freedom. That will make most people believe that it is impossible to stay fit at an office desk job. However, that is entirely untrue. You can always embrace fitness irrespective of how small your desk is or how busy your office hours seem. Here is a list of the best office exercise equipment you need to check out for remaining healthy even after spending 40+ hours at your work every day.

Elliptical cross trainers

Cross trainers are excellent for boosting overall health. They promote workout for the entire body, unlike treadmills or rowers that work the lower body and upper body respectively. Some offices now have dedicated fitness rooms or gyms for their employees. You can find 30 minutes per day to hit the cross trainer. Just 30 minutes can help you burn over 200 calories with ease.

If your office does not have cross trainers, you can get one of the under desk ellipticals for yourself. They are not costly, but you can try one out before buying from office exercise equipment rentals in your locality.

Traditional Treadmills

Some people prefer to free up the frozen leg muscles, buttocks and their backs by running on the treadmills. These running machines are perfect for the ambitious employees, who like paying attention to their waistline as much they love watching their professional growth curve.

The executive rental services for commercial gyms make treadmills the ideal equipment for most office gyms. All you need is 20 minutes from your regular office routine to add an extra dose of fitness to your day. Whether you are a walker or a runner, you will enjoy your time on the treadmill, especially if they have a desk and LED screen facilities.

Under the desk exercise bike

You can always opt for the stationary bike in place of the elliptical. If you like using an exercise bike at home, you can get an under the desk bike version for your office. You can use it without disturbing your co-workers. These are extremely quiet fitness machinery that burns calories, free up frozen muscles and delay the onset of arthritis.

If your office has a dedicated gym, you should think about taking up working out on the exercise bike. Fitness experts recommend the use of one because it allows multi-tasking, which is almost mandatory for any modern office. You can attend calls, speak with your boss and check through your to-do list of the day while cycling. Stationary bikes usually come with dedicated displays that showcase the time, calories burnt and the distance. They are perfect for those, who love a good challenge.

Working out at the workplace is not revolutionary. It has been there for a while, but the trend has only been catching up recently. Incorporating fitness into the daily work life is entirely possible thanks to the evolution of design and technology. The availability of rental options makes exercising inside office premises the reality for many. In fact, several modern enterprises that function out of shared spaces can leverage rental services for offering fitness programmes to their employees. While adding one treadmill or elliptical per cubicle is not viable at all, adding one dedicated equipment per 10 employees is possible thanks to the benefits most gym equipment rentals offer. Know more about the leading supplier here.

At the same time, the utilisation of treadmill desks promises increased output and productivity levels from the users. Research shows that physically fit individuals are more competitive than those, who lead a more sedentary life at their work desks. Sitting diseases are not rare, but you can delay them by adopting an active lifestyle at the office. Working out for just 30 minutes can kick your basal metabolism level a notch. Whether you are hitting the office gym or sweating it out at your desk, you will feel the difference in less than a month. Your joints will be more mobile than before, your back will hurt less, and your mind will be more active than ever.

As a result, most workplaces view gym equipment expenses as an investment. Working out increases the productivity of the employees and helps with the overall production level of the organisation. Today, most organisations work with dedicated fitness professionals on the clock for enhancing the output of their individual workers. Professional fitness experts can help each employee meet specific health and fitness goals.

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