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How Does the Process of Making Online Prayer Requests Work

Everything can be done online in the age of the internet, so why not send a prayer request? A prayer request is a request sent to a priest or someone with similar spiritual power to read a prayer to the Lord on your behalf during a ceremony. Even if you cannot be present at the church or chapel during the prayer, your prayer will be read out according to your request. Earlier, such requests could be sent out by posts, but now you can send them online too. Here is a brief overview of how online prayer requests work, and the next time you find yourself helpless or despondent, you can send out an online prayer request.

1. Contacting The Priest Or Church

The first to make a prayer request is to contact the priest or church where you want to send your request. Thanks to the internet, you can now send a request to any church, anywhere in the world. If your preferred church is located in another country, you can send your prayer request simply by contacting them over email or fax. Usually, all churches and chapels have special days designated for prayer reading. On that day, the prayers are readout, and a candle is also lit. Once you contact the church, they will tell you about the days when they read prayer requests, and you can send your request accordingly.

2. Writing The Prayer

In the next phase, you should write your prayer. It is always a good idea to prepare a draft first so that you are sure about what you want to convey in your prayer. The prayer should not be too long, as the priest will have many other prayers to read. Instead, start by stating how grateful you are for God’s presence in your life. Go on to state the reason behind the prayer and say whether you are sending the prayer for yourself or a loved one. Make your prayer and end with a note of thanks. Have faith as you write your prayer and believe that no matter what, God will always do what is right for you.

3. Emailing The Prayer

Once you have written the first draft, you can finalize and type out the prayer in the email. Your prayer should be simple and should reflect the faith and love you have for God. Make sure the email id is correct. You will soon get an acknowledgment from the church once they receive your prayer request.

4. Request A Quotation

Along with the prayer that you have written, you can also request the priest to read out a relevant passage from the Bible. If you have a preferred passage, you can request the priest to read it out for you. You can also request the priest to light a candle on your behalf.

5. The Priest Reads Your Prayer

On the designated day and time, your prayer is read in the church or chapel. You are notified of the time and date beforehand. Even if you are not present in the church yourself, you can join in the prayer from wherever you are. It is an act of being one with God. When the prayer is read in a ceremony by a priest, it is a form of collective praying where all the prayers go up to the Almighty, and the cosmos works towards fulfilling that prayer, as it is filled with positive energy. This is the sole reason for sending out a prayer request because you might not experience an atmosphere of positive energy all by yourself.

6. Your Prayer Can Be Uploaded

Once the prayer has been read, your prayer can also be uploaded to the church’s website. They will notify you when the prayer is read and might send a certificate or an acknowledgment. Say a small prayer of thanks from wherever you are, without any expectations of returns. God will surely do what is best for you, and you can be sure that your request was heard.


Many are skeptical about the power of prayer requests, however, prayers are the most potent medium to connect with God. Nor is there any reason to feel that your prayer won’t work just because you are sending a prayer request, or it seems like an easy way out. It is rather the opposite. More and more people are now coming together, and they are sending prayer requests online because they have the means of reaching out to their beloved church, no matter where they are. Your prayer requests will always be made, and you are sure to notice something positive happening in your life.

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