How Hospital-Grade TVs Impact Patient Satisfaction

Hospital-grade TVs impact patient satisfaction by providing a bit of entertainment in a hospital room. Patients who are stuck in a room for any length of time do not want to sit in the quiet. Plus, these patients might have visitors who would prefer to have the TV on. Take a look at how these TVs can make any hospital stay better for everyone.

Hospital TVs Entertain Guests And Patients

When you have guests and patients in the building, the TV provides a bit of free entertainment. These patients can click through the channels, and they can watch something that interests them. People who love sports can watch the games that they would have missed otherwise. People who love movies can watch movies they enjoy, or patients might watch TV programs they have never seen before. Watching TV allows the patients to remain engaged with society, and they can even watch the news from these TVs.

Hospital TVs Usually Come With Attached Remotes

A PDi TV arm will keep the TV off the ground, but the remote for the TV is often hard to locate. Hospital TVs come with attached remotes that cannot be lost. You can program the TV to work with the remote on a hospital bed, or you can get a remote that connects to the TV with a cable. You can put a bit of velcro on the back of the remote, and you can tack the remote to the TV in between patients.

Hospital TVs Come With Bluetooth Pillow Speaker Capability

You can use pillow speakers when your patients are watching TV during the day. The pillow speaker makes it easy for patients to hear, and they do not need to turn the TV up too much. When nurses or medical technicians enter the room, you do not need to turn the TV down. The nurse can speak to you normally, and the pillow speaker will not disrupt what is going on in the room.

Hospital TVs Are Very Stable

When patients have a lot of visitors in the hospital, the TV should be out of the way. The TV arm mentioned above will help the TV hang from the wall, and it will be so high up that everyone can walk under it. You do not need to worry about knocking over the TV, and someone who is struggling to get out of bed does not need to worry about knocking over the TV.


This is also important when your guests or nurses are trying to change the position of the TV. The mount will move without wobbling.

Hospital TVs Are Easy To Position

When you use a special mounting arm, you can angle the rack so that the patient can see. It is easy for the patient to get the best viewing angle, and any guests or nurses can move the TV when needed. Also, these TVs do not force patients to point the remote at a certain angle. The connected remote works no matter where it is.


When you want to use hospital-grade TVs in your medical facility, you should take a look at all the accessories you will get with these TVs. You can get a special mount or rack that allows you to attach the TV to the wall. You can position the mount so that the patient can see the TV, and you can use a remote that the patient will not lose. The TV should use a pillow speaker that makes it easier for patients to hear, and the TV helps patients stay engaged with the outside world.

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