How long can a dog go without food? Many dogs have amazed us with their ability to survive weeks without food but generally, dogs can usually go 5 or so days without food before the body starts reacting negatively.

An adult healthy person is able to survive without food for about 20-25 days, but on the condition that he drinks water. How long can a dog live without food? How many days a dog can live without food is largely determined by the characteristics of the breed. Service and hunting dogs, accustomed to deprivation, are able to starve longer without pronounced negative health effects than decorative ones. A striking example of this can be wolves, which also belong to the canine family. Living in the wild, they can quite easily go without food for about three weeks. But what about dogs in general?

Dogs love their food, and they start becoming restless when their breakfast or supper is due. You could say it’s because dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and just that whiff of their food being prepared has them drooling. But how long can a dog go without food if you were to deprive him of this pleasure?

A dog is a mammal and like all mammals, they just cannot function properly when they haven’t had sufficient food and drink. Before you decide on how long your dog can go without food you need to look at the breed of dog you have.

Some Dog Breeds Are Naturally Lean

Some dog breeds are naturally lean

Some dogs such as a whippet or greyhound are naturally slender while a bulldog is a weighty-looking dog. A healthy adult dog can go up to 5 days without food but whatever reason it is that your dog isn’t getting food, it needs to change as regular food is important to a dog. Food provides your dog with important nutrients that ensure he is energetic and bright-eyed.

If your dog hasn’t had food for a long period of time, a good idea would be to speak to your vet. The vet can suggest an eating program to get your pet back eating slowly so as to restore his health.

Some Dogs Have Managed To Survive For Weeks

Remember that your dog may be able to get by with no food for a few days, but water intake is absolutely important and should be constantly available to your pet.

If you have a puppy or you have a senior dog that isn’t eating, it becomes more urgent to get your dog to the vet. We’ve all seen terrible pictures of dogs that have been starved. In extreme situations, it is possible for a dog to go weeks without eating. Many dogs that have been abandoned by their owners have managed to survive for several weeks without food. A sick, old dog or puppy wouldn’t be able to hold out as long as this.

How long can a dog go without food when it’s a tiny puppy? Older puppies that aren’t considered newborns can go without eating for up to 5 hours. Then they are going to be famished. When it comes to how long can a dog go without food, a lot depends on the age of the dog. Even a large breed puppy won’t be able to go beyond a few hours without eating while an adult dog of the same size could go for much longer without food.

So important is regular food to a young puppy, those reputable breeders will be constantly watching all the puppies, making sure that they’re all feeding from the mom as they should be.

Any dog lover doesn’t ever want to find out how long can a dog go without food. The thought of their beloved 4-legged friend going without food and water is just too unbearable to comprehend.

Several Reasons Why Dogs Go Off Their Food

Several reasons why dogs go off their food

Why would a dog go without food in the first place? Dogs can experience a loss of appetite for any number of reasons. Certainly, if your canine friend is sick he will have a lack of appetite. You can offer him all his favorite treats and find that he just gives it a sniff and turns his head away. Then it is seriously time to worry.

When your dog turns his nose up at chicken then you have cause for concern. Stress and depression, just like with people, can also cause your pet to stop eating. Your dog may even have had some or other surgery. It could be the reason that he isn’t feeling well. Then you might want to answer the question: how long can a dog go without food after surgery?

Often, after surgery, we can experience nausea, and it’s like that with our dogs too. Nausea is common in dogs after they’ve had surgery. Surgery is stressful and the anesthesia can certainly cause your 4-legged friend to feel nauseous. It’s no good trying to get your pet to eat until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off. If your dog still doesn’t want to eat after 48 hours it would be better to get him to the vet.

Fasting For A While Can Be A Cure For Illness

It’s not a bad thing when your dog is sick and doesn’t want to eat because that fasting, where he refuses to eat, can be the cure he needs.

Your pet’s body is designed to keep itself healthy and when a foreign invader gets into the body, it goes into action to expel the invader. By fasting your dog’s body allows metabolic enzymes to do their work uninterrupted so that healing for your pet can occur.

So essentially, your dog’s illness can often resolve on its own when your dog refuses to eat and it goes into a bit of a fasting mode. Of course, if he continues to ignore his food day after day, you would need to get veterinary care for him. So how long can a dog go without food, particularly since all dogs are individuals and they all vary in different ways?

When you ask the question “how long can a dog go without food”, it isn’t really possible to make a broad generalization. Although a healthy dog can go for 3 to 5 days without food, there are some dogs that can go for up to 10 days, so nothing is set in stone when answering this question. A dog that is already underweight or sick and then is deprived of food may only survive 2 days without food.

Without Food, Your Dog’s Organs Can Be Damaged

Researchers tell us how a dog’s organs are damaged with starvation. The Biochemical functions of a dog go into survival mode in as less as 24 hours of no intake of nutritional food.

The most important part of its metabolic processes becomes keeping the glucose concentration in the blood at normal levels. If the blood glucose level drops excessively low, then the muscles, kidney, brain, and heart shut down. How long can a dog go without food when it has no option to eat?

When a dog hasn’t eaten for 24 hours, it goes into survival mode. The first concern of the dog’s body is to mobilize the stored reserves of glucose from muscle and liver. It does this by modifying the biochemical processes so as to make glucose promptly available. Just 2 days without food and the reserves of glucose in the liver are devoured.

Energy is needed to run the brain, heart, and kidney but with depleted glucose, the body is less fueled by glucose and a lot more by fatty acids. How long can a dog go without food? By day 3, the dog’s metabolism stalls and this slowed metabolism continues while no food is being ingested. A lessened metabolism happens to be a survival tool. Lowered levels of blood sugar change insulin and lower thyroid hormone levels, responsible for the metabolic rate.

When a dog is starving, the liver of the dog releases ketones into the bloodstream which are used as an energy source for the dog. How long can a dog go without food? After 5 days without food, fat is the most significant source of energy.

When a starved dog is rescued, you can’t just present it with a huge bowl of food. You have to be very careful to feed it tiny portions of food throughout the day. If a starved dog gulps down a huge bowl of food, terrible complications await and even death.

Tiny Amounts Of Food To Start A Dog’s Recovery

Tiny amounts of food to start a dog’s recovery

How long can a dog go without food? If you believe that the dog has been denied food for a week or more, the food you start providing should be rich in fat and the carbohydrates should be restricted. The bottom line is to never let a starving dog have access to a big bowl of food to start with.

Small amounts fed at intervals during the day are important. You may have some vomiting or loose stool to start off with a starving dog but as the days go by he will get stronger and healthier.

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