Have you ever wondered how long do pet turtles live before you own a pet turtle? Turtles make good pets since they survive longer compared to other pets and are peaceful.

Although it is impossible to determine a specific age at which turtles survive, they can end up living for up to 50 years, or many decades if provided adequate care. The length of time a turtle will live under ideal stress-free conditions is determined by the species.

Turtles are among the reptiles with the maximum lifespan. Even mini turtles can live for decades. Turtles will undoubtedly surpass other traditional home pets like cats and dogs by years.

In this blog post, we will uncover some amazing facts like how long do pet turtles live, types of pet turtles, and pet mini turtles, including how much is a pet turtle.

Types Of Pet Turtles

Types Of Pet Turtles

There are several common types of pet turtles. “How long do pet turtles live?” is mostly determined by their species. Moreover, adequate care, nutrition, and devotion are all important factors in the pet turtle’s predicted lifespan.

In theory, good care and nutrition will allow the turtle to survive and thrive in captivity more than it would in the wild. When the contrary occurs, however, life expectancy plummets. Adopting a pet turtle, on the other hand, is like bringing a lifelong family member into the house.

The following are the four most frequent pet turtle species in the United States:

  • Box Turtles.
  • Painted Turtles.
  • Red Eared Sliders.
  • Map Turtles.

Box Turtles

There are three types of box turtles: the eastern turtle, the three-toed turtle, and the ornate box turtle. Each type necessitates unique living circumstances. They usually live on land, though, and can be maintained as pets in the best environment. They don’t require an ocean tank, unlike aquatic turtles, and can be kept in decent tortoise habitat.


Weather conditions are another important aspect that impacts the box turtle’s lifetime. Temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit are not tolerated by them. They ought to be able to choose when they like being exposed to sunlight and when they like being on the cover.


Under optimal circumstances, you can anticipate the pet box turtle to live for 20 to 30 years.

Painted Turtles

Painted Turtles

Painted Turtles are a popular pet breed as well. Many people love them because of their vibrant and vivid patterns. The four types of painted turtles include the following: Midland Painted Turtle, Eastern Painted Turtle, Western Painted Turtle, and Southern Painted Turtle.


These turtles are difficult to look after. To remain healthy, they require bushes to lurk in, water to survive, and regular light. The temperature of the water tank is also critical to their survival. It must be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


A painted turtle can live for 25 to 30 years if properly cared for.

Red-Eared Slider

The Red-Eared Slider has been the most popular pet turtle species; whenever a home has gotten bored of them, they are frequently left in rivers and lakes.


These species are aquatic turtles that require special attention and care. You’ll need to have a turtle basking dock as well as a decent tank and thermal lamps. Because these turtles outgrow their tiny habitat, you might have to expand the tank as the turtle grows. Initially, go for a 50-gallon tank, but a 75-gallon tank could be even better.


Even though most captive animals survive longer than wild ones, Red-Eared Sliders are an exception. It is considered that in their natural habitat, they would survive longer. Pet slider, on the other hand, should live approximately 25 to 35 years!

Map Turtles

Map Turtles

Map turtles are aquatic and exist in 14 different kinds with different colors and designs on their backs. They do, however, carry a ridge on their backs.


It’s critical to provide a Map Turtle with an atmosphere that closely resembles its native surroundings when raising it as a pet. This includes access to swimming pools, light, and balanced food.


The Map Turtles are omnivorous, which implies that leaves as well as other organisms can be part of their diet. Prawns, insects, and slugs can be fed to them. These differences are critical to their health and longevity.


Map turtles are not extremely gregarious creatures, and they dislike being held frequently. The average lifespan of a Map Turtle is 15 to 25 years.

How Long Do Pet Turtles Live?

How Long Do Pet Turtles Live

The most awaited question for this blog is, “how long do pet turtles live?” Let’s get into it!

Turtles, especially the larger species, can survive up to 100 years. Pet mini turtles, on the other hand, which are much more likely to be kept as pets, can survive just fine for decades.

Turtles can live a long time and will be passed down through your family heritage from generation to the next generation. A turtle can be likely to live for at least 35-40 years if it passes the first two decades of its existence.

The Aldabra tortoise, Galapagos tortoise, and Seychelles tortoise, for example, can live for almost a hundred years. Pet mini turtles like red-eared sliders and box turtles survive for 20 to 30 years in the wild, while some animals might live for 50 years or more.

Turtles raised in captivity often live much longer than their wild ancestors because they have access to infinite food, predatory protection, and veterinary services.

Now that you know how long do pet turtles live, it’s also important to understand why they live for so long.

Why Do Pet Turtles Live For Such A Long Time?

Everyone owning a turtle has a question: How long do pet turtles live? Turtles’ incredibly lengthy lifespans are still an enigma to biologists. However, the slow metabolism cycle is the fundamental cause of their lengthy lifespan.

Turtles age and get sick at a slower pace than most other domesticated animals due to their slow metabolism level. Due to their slow consumption, turtles can go for long periods without a meal.

Turtles can even hibernate themselves if the atmosphere becomes too harsh. Turtles can hibernate for weeks without exposure to oxygen, food, or water when they are in this phase. Because of their anaerobic metabolism, they can process bioactivities at a faster rate than other species.

How Much Is A Pet Turtle In 2022?

Pet Turtle

Turtles can vary in cost depending on how long do pet turtles live, breed, and where you get them from. Here is the answer to your question about “how much is a pet turtle in 2022?”

Local Pet Store

If you want to adopt a turtle, you can always go to a pet store or a nearby animal shelter. Turtles priced at $10–$40 are usually available for adoption at pet stores.


If you are a keen turtle keeper, you can also adopt one from a breeder, where a turtle will cost between $50 and $100. There are unique and more intriguing turtle species to be found there. However, if a breeder breeds common turtle species, they are often pricier than adopting or purchasing them from a pet store.

Environment Cost

When it comes to turtle supplies, ensure your pet turtle has a large enough reptile environment to live in, with a tank that is no less than four feet long. A terrarium or aquarium will cost between $100 and $200. You’ll need to filter the water to remove pollutants such as chlorine, or you can get water purification products from your local pet store.

Food Cost

Because turtles do not require regular feeding, water turtle food is reasonably inexpensive and can last longer than conventional pet food. But the average food cost is around $240–$480 per year.

Veterinarian Checkups

If you take proper care of your turtle, it should not need much medical attention. However, you should see a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure the turtle is in good health. If your turtle’s attitude or food habits change, you should take it to a veterinarian, which can cost $45–$75 per year.

How Long Do Pet Turtles Live In The Wild?

Turtles kept as pets cannot live in the wild. A pet turtle must never be released into the wild. Turtles raised as pets at home are unable to cope with the harsh wild environment. There’s also the possibility that your pet turtle is not native to your region and won’t be able to breed with the wild turtle species.

A turtle can be the right companion for you if you are seeking a long-lived pet. Their slow metabolism and adaptive capabilities allow them to live for generations. Turtles are cute and intriguing to watch, but they require a great deal of specific care, which is tough to offer.

Turtles can make decent pets, but with such extremely long lifespans, high maintenance costs, and risk of injury or sickness, they are not the best choice for everyone.

If given good care, your turtle will grow, develop, and provide you with friendship for far longer than any other pet. So, after you have decided to keep them as pets and know how long do pet turtles live, be sure you are 100% devoted to the turtles.

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