Your roof is one part of your home you don’t tend to think about until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, when a problem does occur, it tends to be a big (i.e., expensive) problem.

Instead of waiting until you’re soaking wet and have a bill for thousands in damage repair, know the warning signs in advance.

How long does a roof last? How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? Look for these top signs.

1. You Have a Water Leak

A water leak is the most obvious sign that your roof needs some TLC. If you have a drip or signs of water damage from the ceiling of your top floor while it’s raining, it means water is getting in through the roof.

If you notice a water leak, it’s critical that you repair the damage as soon as possible. Water damage can make your home a safety hazard. It affects the structure of your home while also fostering dangerous mold.

2. You See Visible Damage

This one may sound obvious too, but many homeowners never think to check. Regardless, if you can see visible damage to your roof, it’s time to get a new or repaired roof for your home.

Look for missing shingles, faded coloring, or dents in the roof. These are common types of weather damage that happen over time, but they can lead to larger problems if you don’t fix them.

3. You’re Struggling with Temperature Control

You might be having a hard time maintaining the temperature you want in your home. Perhaps you’re keeping your home a comfortable temperature but your energy bills have gone through the roof (pun intended).

In either case, the problem might be that there is air getting in or out through your roof.

4. You Can See Visible Daylight

One way to check on your roof is to take a trip up to your attic during the day time. Turn off all light sources and check to see if there are any areas where daylight is coming through.

This can expose gaps that have appeared due to warping wood and other problems. Regardless of why they appeared, those gaps are a reason to call a roof repair specialist for help.

5. Too Many Years Have Passed

Sometimes knowing you need a new roof is a simple matter of checking the calendar. If your roof is getting toward the end of its life expectancy, it’s time to call your roofing contractor.

That life expectancy will depend on the type of roof you have. For example, an asphalt shingle roof lasts around 20 years. A wood shake roof lasts about 30 years, and metal roofs can last 50 years.

When you’re nearing the end of your roof’s lifespan, a roofing specialist can inspect it and see if it’s time for a replacement. Replacing the roof preemptively will help you avoid potentially pricey damage when the roof fails later.

How Long Does a Roof Last? Getting the Answers You Need

The guidelines above can help you know when your roof needs repair or replacement. At the end of the day, though, you need a roof inspector to take a closer look and give you the true verdict.

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