Covid-19 has resulted in a shortage of jobs and young professionals are asking how many jobs are available in capital goods and they are thrilled to find that there are many well-paying options available in this broad industry.

The physical assets that a company uses to produce other products are capital goods. They aren’t sold to customers and as machinery, tools, buildings, and vehicles they are used in the production of finished goods for the customer.

The capital goods market is brimming with opportunities for people seeking a challenging and fulfilling career. This industry offers a wide variety of positions, from salesmen to engineers. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while searching for work in the capital goods sector is that the appropriate skills and credentials are required.

A degree or other type of training is often required for most positions in the capital goods sector. For instance, a degree in engineering is required if you wish to work as an engineer. Strong communication skills and the capacity to perform well under pressure are prerequisites for careers in sales. It is vital to note that the capital goods sector is a very competitive market, so make sure you have the necessary skills and certifications before applying for any post.

How many jobs are available in capital goods, and do capital goods jobs pay well? There are many handsome jobs available. Manufacturers of machinery and cars are solid examples that capital goods are used by top industries.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods?


There are many industries too, involved in capital goods and each one has many departments offering different jobs. Some of these industries can include –

  • Machinery
  • Aerospace
  • Textiles
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Electronics

One of the biggest industries mentioned here is the electronic industry as it is about the making of electrical parts for a number of different industries. They produce telecommunications articles for phone companies, electronic parts for the automotive industry, and semiconductors for the healthcare industry.

The automotive industry in itself is massive and building cars calls for many different capital goods.

What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field?

There are many companies in the capital goods industry and they have large market dominance all over the world. Some of these companies include –

  • General Electric
  • United Rentals
  • Honeywell International
  • 3M
  • Boeing
  • Caterpillar

Is Capital Goods A Good Career Path?

Engineering Manager

There are several advantages to a profession in capital goods. Yes, there are many high-paying jobs in this sector and the industry has lots of departments and positions so you have a good choice of career opportunities. How many jobs are available in capital goods? Many, because look at the job of engineering manager – such a position is required in nearly all the industries mentioned above.

Is capital goods a good career path and do capital goods jobs pay well such as Engineering Manager? Yes, Engineering managers are among the best-paid professionals in the capital goods industry.

The position will require a degree in engineering and years of experience as they will be overseeing project logistics. Do capital goods jobs pay well? Yes, the average salary for an engineering manager is $138 000.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

How many jobs are available in capital goods? There are too many to mention really, and electrical engineering is another.

These professionals design and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment such as power general equipment and also radar and navigation systems. They earn an average salary of $80 000 a year but it can be much higher depending on the department and industry they find themselves in.

Industrial designer, quality control manager, and business development manager are just some of the other jobs available in capital goods.

Capital Goods Are A Great Choice For Young People

How many jobs are available in capital goods? There are many exciting job options available. It is for this reason that so many young people want to know what companies are in the capital goods field. Are they worth applying for? As mentioned, companies such as General Electric and Boeing also offer chances for international jobs so that means more scope.

Lots Of Worthwhile Perks

All these jobs come with a range of sought-after perks such as retirement plans, generous leave, and medical insurance.

Is capital goods a good career path and what companies are in the capital goods field? There are many companies in the capital goods field and many jobs open to you should you want to become a professional in the capital goods industry.

Becoming a capital goods professional is one way to have a good job and earn a good salary. Also, Capital goods professionals can also benefit from a good benefits package. How many jobs are available in capital goods? There are many and we’ve mentioned somewhere the job is lucrative.

Lots Of Less Responsible Jobs Are Available

capital goods as a career

There are many other jobs that appeal to people who don’t want the responsibilities that come with a managerial position. Look at a warehouse worker as an example. This is still a professional position where you will be stocking products and placing orders and many other tasks.

A warehouse worker gets an average pay of $35 000 a year. Yes, the capital goods sector is a rewarding career path that may offer stability, room for growth, competitive pay, and many other excellent benefits.

How many jobs are available in capital goods? There are many and there is a high demand for employees to work in capital goods industries.

The jobs that are available are secure too and in difficult economic times, these industries are still required. It’s because they are all part of the global supply chain.

So, when it comes to how many jobs are available in capital goods, opportunities abound and the capital goods industry is a good career path as it brings good pay, good growth opportunities, and other good benefits.