Did you graduate with a finance degree and are wondering how many jobs are available in investment managers? Not sure about the best paying jobs in investment managers?

Nowadays, everyone is aiming to choose a career path that has sustainability and allows you to have enormous growth not only in the present but in the future too. Apart from pursuing medicine and engineering, people are now looking forward to many other and different fields. These various fields attract people due to less saturation in the market, increased chances of growth, sustainability in careers, and diversity in different areas.

One of those fields is jobs in investment management, and it is one of those domains which require enormous experience and knowledge but has excellent chances of growth and nurturing.

This article will discuss topics related to investment managers, including the following:

  • How many jobs are available in investment managers?
  • Best paying jobs in investment managers?
  • Is investment managers a good career path?

Investment Managers Make Financial Decisions For Their Clients

Investment Manager

Investment managers or investment managing companies make financial decisions on behalf of their clients. They do not just make financial decisions, but they also counsel their clients on where to invest, how to support them, and if the investment will be fruitful or not.

In addition, an investment manager handles all the day-to-day situations related to buying and selling, maintaining the portfolio, reward management, transaction settlement, and ensuring that all the transactions are secured and trusted.

Usually, there are different types of investment managers, and financial consultants and advisors are also included in the category of investment managers. Moreover, financial planners who plan for their clients on how they should invest throughout the years are also included in the investment manager’s category.

Before we head to the information most graduates would be interested in, let’s quickly go over the factors you should look for when searching for an investment manager to manage your financial portfolio.

Factors Before Considering An Investment Manager

When investing, you should ensure that you choose a sound person who helps you make appropriate decisions. Hence, we have gathered some factors you should consider when hiring an investment manager.

It would help to look for the following factors when hiring an investment manager.

The Services They Provide

Ensure that the service provided by your investment manager meets the needs of the services you need. Often people need investment services when they are young or in adulthood, but managers tend to show retirement plans. It can be a deal breaker for many people as they do not get their desired services.

Ask About Their Strategy

man talking with client

Always ask your investment manager how you are being compensated. Most of the time, your compensation and interest are not crucial for the advisor or the investment manager, and they tend to keep their interest above all. Hence, always inquire and ask for a product breakdown from your financial advisor or investment manager.

You should know the legal standards under which your investment manager works, and they are either working under suitability or under fiduciary. To be mindful of the legal standards, you first need to be aware of the conditions under which your investment manager operates. In either case, you should do your homework to research which legal standards are liable for which type of working criteria.

Conduct A Background Check

Before investing with any investment advisors, ensure that you do a background check on your investment advisor. For this purpose, ensure that the investment manager or your investment management firm is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.

A background check will also help you review whether you should invest with the manager or not. This way, you can also get honest testimonials from previous clients from that specific place.

Best Paying Jobs In Investment Managers

We have discussed thoroughly above what investment managers are, the role they play, and what one should look for when hiring an investment manager. Following are the best-paying jobs you can build your career in investment managers.

Portfolio Assistant

talking with client

One of the highest paying jobs in investment managers is portfolio assistant. They aid in the documentation process and will also prepare reports that will reflect your portfolio. Every investment firm needs an investment manager to work with them.

Financial Analyst

Another best-paying job among investment managers is a financial analyst. The financial analyst looks out for the trends and current market status and then makes intelligent recommendations to aid in making wise decisions.

Investment Bankers

Investment bankers are involved in different banks and multiple government offices and institutions to aid with finances and financial advice. Investment bankers advise their bosses or employees about which financial positions to take and which decisions will result in fruitful outcomes.

Financial Traders

Financial traders are typically employed in stock markets. Here they deal with different types of approaching trades and their securities.

With the best jobs covered, you may be wondering how many jobs are available in investment managers. Let’s quickly go over those figures.

So, How Many Jobs Are Available In Investment Managers?

Now we come to the main question, how many jobs are available in investment managers?

The United States will require 83,900 investment managers in the coming year. According to MarketCapitalize, the top 5 states with the most investment manager jobs are as follows:

  • California: 53,390
  • District of Columbia: 20,010
  • New Jersey: 19,170
  • Florida: 18,960
  • Virginia: 16,740

Now that we’ve got the answer to “how many jobs are available in investment managers?”, let’s go over is investment managers a good career path.

Is Investment Managers A Good Career Path?

Investment Manager

Based on the excellent pay scale, one can indeed say that investment management is undoubtedly a great career path due to its enormous benefits and advantages listed below.

  1. One of the primary reasons for being an investment manager is that it has enormous career options because different clients exist in different spectrums.
  2. Investment managers are a great career path as it has excellent financial returns. There are multiple jobs in investment bankers that give high-scale salaries and payouts.
  3. The investment manager position involves engaging and intellectual stimulation, which is perfect for analytical minds.
  4. One of the most significant benefits of being an investment manager is that it has independence. One can also work as a freelancer.

The article provides comprehensive information on how many jobs are available in investment managers to give you an idea of how big of a field it truly is.

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