If working with precious metals is something you’re interested in, then you must have asked yourself, “how many jobs are available in precious metals?”. There is a massive market for precious metals, and precious metals like Gold, silver, and diamond are in great demand. The worth of this industry is shocking.

The precious metals sector offers a variety of options, from mining and extraction to production. The desire for precious metals increases as the global economy gets more integrated.

As governments explore new sources of income and investors look for secure locations to stash away their cash, the precious metals industry is expanding. As a result, jobs are getting more available in precious metals. In addition, the precious metals sector provides competitive wages and advantages.

The elemental metals known as precious metals have significant economic value. As a result, the metals have occasionally been utilized as money. However, in other circumstances, the exclusivity and weight of the metal make it precious.

In this article, we will go over how many jobs are available in precious metals, is precious metals a good career path, the best paying jobs in precious metals, and the average precious metals worker salary.

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Why Choose The Precious Metals Industry?

Why Choose The Precious Metals Industry

Before we find out how many jobs are available in precious metals, let’s go over why you should consider the precious metals industry.

Since ancient times, people have adorned themselves with precious metal jewelry. For example, thousands, if not tens of thousands of years ago, humans began decorating themselves with gold ornaments because it was regarded as a valuable material by many cultures on various continents.

Similar trends are still prevalent today, as evidenced by the continued popularity of silver and gold jewelry, which are not only stunning but also essentially priceless, which makes precious metals a good career path.

Another thing is it pays well. The precious metals business is booming, and the employment market is open; therefore, there are numerous chances for you to begin. The precious metals sector is a good career path if you want a job that will pay well and give you consistent work.

These metals play a significant role in our everyday lifestyle. All these gadgets, from smartphones to medical gear, are made of components made from silver, Gold, and other precious metal items. So regardless of how bad things go financially, jobs have always been available in this precious metals industry because of the constant demand for these products.

With so much demand, you don’t need to ask, “how many jobs are available in precious metals?”. However, we promised to answer those questions in this article. So, let’s find out how many jobs are available in precious metals in the United States.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Precious Metals In The US

The precious metal industry is massive and constantly expanding. Currently, on average, more than 10,000 jobs are available in precious metals in the United States.

Now that you know how many jobs are available in precious metals, let’s go over the average precious metals worker salary.

What Is The Average Precious Metals Worker Salary?

Average Precious Metals Worker Salary

Gold, silver, diamonds, jewels, and other precious metals are formed, pressed, and manufactured by precious metal craftsmen to create ornaments and other products. Although this labor is not dangerous, it can be physically demanding because employees must stand or bend for extended periods, making precious metals worker salary inviting enough. You may require vocational training or an equivalent degree for employment in precious metals. In addition, an employer will typically want up to 2 years of official on-the-job training.

The typical precious metals worker’s salary is between $26,050 and $77,330, based on education and experience levels. May expect to receive $48,000 in pay annually on average.

Let’s find out the answer to the question, “is precious metals a good career path?”

Is Precious Metals A Good Career Path?

Yes, precious metals are a good career part. If you like having a range of job responsibilities, this is your career path.

Because of their inherent worth and scarcity, precious metals are attractive investments. They are durable and convenient to store, which is why you can find the use of precious metals throughout history. Thanks to contemporary technology, investing in precious metals is simpler than ever.

Precious metals are a fantastic job choice because they secure your assets with an intrinsically valuable commodity that doesn’t depend on financial stocks or currency values, which offers security during unstable economic times.

Additionally, because several people view Gold investing as a haven from other markets like equities or unit trusts, you can feel more financially secure in this position than if hired in a different industry.

Top 5 Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

Let’s go over the top 5 best paying jobs in precious metals.



A precious metals miner is an individual who uses mining to extract minerals from the earth. In the strictest sense, a miner works on the rock face by cutting, blasting, or using another technique to remove the rock. Mining is one of the best paying jobs in the precious metals industry.


Gemologists study gems and then evaluate and analyze them. They can also determine the worth of diamonds and whether the stones are genuine. Because gemology is a specialist discipline, its employees frequently have extensive professional backgrounds.

Jewelry Specialist

A jewelry and coin specialist offers incentives as well as precise evaluations. Testing, acquiring, and marketing antiques, comprising precious metals, coins, and money, are necessary tasks for the position—another high-paying job out of the jobs available in precious metals.

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Designer

Silver, Gold, and precious stones are just a few of the materials used by jewelers to make jewelry. These jewelers create necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands, and even brooches out of precious metals and gemstones. It’s high paying.


Lapidaries are skilled crafters who focus on dealing with precious metals and gemstones.

They are in charge of shaping these materials into gorgeous jewelry and other items by cutting, polishing, and carving them.

There will always be jobs in this sector in the United States. So, you shouldn’t ask how many jobs are available in precious metals, but try to find what interests you the most and apply in that field.