How many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment? This question often conquers many people’s minds mainly because the telecommunication equipment field is one of the most underrated fields.

But guess what? Because of the increasing demand for telecom equipment, markets are continually brimming with opportunities.

This vast sector encompasses everything from assembling processes to software development of software as well as customer service too. You have a good chance of finding a career in telecommunications.

If you have made up your mind about starting a career in telecommunications equipment and wondering, “how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment?” then you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will be discussing all the questions that tinker your mind, like:

  • Is telecommunications equipment a good career path?
  • What are the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment?
  • How many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment?

Besides that, we will cover other important information regarding telecommunications equipment. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Telecommunication Equipment Sector Is Booming In The US

Telecommunication Equipment Sector

First, before getting into how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment. Let us understand what telecommunication equipment is.

Telecommunications equipment is just the device that transfers speech, data, or video via a network. Telephones, modems, ports, and fiber-optic cables are instances of such devices. As more businesses and households depend on the internet, telecommunications equipment requirements keep booming.

We should highlight that a telecom technician was among the top 5 jobs in 2020 during the pandemic. Let’s go over how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Telecommunications Equipment?

The telecommunications business has been gradually expanding in recent years, and with the production of new technology, additional telecommunications jobs are likely to become accessible within the next decade.

You might think that telecommunications jobs primarily cater to engineers and technicians working on mobile phones and landlines, but that is not the case. In reality, this business employs a broad spectrum of people.

According to the BLS, there are now 195,800 available jobs in the telecommunications equipment and maintenance business in the United States.

It is worth noting that the telecom equipment industry is vast, with various careers for installers and repairers. Other jobs include:

  • Analyst of computer systems
  • Developer of software
  • Analyst of data
  • Network Architect
  • Salesperson
  • Telecommunication Specialist
  • Electric/Electronic drafter

The telecommunications equipment sector is rapidly increasing, and there are constantly potentially exciting job prospects. All of these jobs involve computer skills and an understanding of networking technology.

Is Telecommunications Equipment A Good Career Path?

Telecommunications Equipment

After getting the answer to how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment? Now, if you are thinking, is telecommunications equipment a good career path? A simple solution to the question is yes!

A job as a telecommunications equipment technician may be pretty lucrative, and several career options are available.

The telecommunications equipment industry is rapidly expanding, with new technologies and services offered regularly. It implies several options for anyone seeking a career in that field. In this industry, the compensation is frequently excellent.

With the proper training, you may become a professional in this industry and contribute to the design and installation of equipment used by individuals all over the globe.

It is an excellent career path for folks who enjoy technology and assisting others in staying connected. Consult with an expert now if you want to learn more about what it requires to work in telecommunications equipment.

Skills Needed For A Job In Telecommunication Equipment

The telecommunications equipment business is quickly expanding, and several career prospects exist. To be productive in this sector, you must have good technical abilities and the ability to find solutions to problems swiftly. You must also be capable of working alone and be adaptable to change.

As you will be dealing directly with clients, you must also have excellent customer service abilities. You will be well-suited for a lucrative career in telecom equipment if you possess these talents.

With an expanding number of available employment, now is a perfect moment to enter the professional field. However, before seeking a job, ensure you understand what type of specialist your organization requires.

Some businesses hire one specialist, but others require many technicians depending on their particular requirements. Regardless, it’s best to be fully informed before submitting your application or resumé to avoid wasting your or their time.

Best Paying Jobs In Telecommunications Equipment

Jobs in telecommunication equipment can be enriching and beneficial. The following are some of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

Wireless Technician

Wireless Technician

This position is sometimes known as “wireless communication technician.” A wireless technician is a tech support specialist who can fix wireless equipment. They make roughly about $59,000 annually.

Broadband Engineer

Broadband engineers are responsible for creating accounts, keeping an eye on network activity, and also ensuring if the connection of the internet is functional or not. They make around $76,000 a year.

Data Architect

Data architects help develop systems and databases for an organization to fulfill all its data needs. From storing data to organizing it and analyzing it, data architects allow top management to use essential data to make corporate decisions. A data architect can earn, on average, $145,500.

Fiber Optics Technician

Fiber Optics Technician

Our list would have been incomplete without mentioning the job role of a fiber optics technician. They set and maintain optic fibers, which can be used in any telecommunication equipment, whether a telephone, internet, TV, radio, computer or more. The estimated income of a fiber optics technician is around $60,000 annually.

Fiber optic professionals are responsible for installing fiber optic cables in a network and repairing them in office and home settings. They may also work on installing telecommunication equipment such as a modem, routers, switches, and more.

The above article discussed all the concerns and questions that must have come to your mind before seeking a career in telecommunications equipment, including a detailed overview of how many jobs are available in telecommunications equipment.

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