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How Medical Detox Defeats Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs and substance abuse is a problem that’s affecting many people in the world today. If you’re not an addict, then you probably know a friend or relative who’s battling some form of addiction. Although the recovery process requires a lot of medical and psychological support, medical detoxification is the first step towards sobriety.

One of the greatest obstacles during recovery from drug addiction is withdrawal syndrome. This is what medical detoxification tries to solve.

What Is Medical Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of eliminating drugs from the body of an addict. This procedure is meant to manage the effects of withdrawal if a person has been using for a long time. A detox, therefore, helps to manage withdrawal symptoms once a person stops taking a certain drug.

The type of detox and the duration of detoxification differ from one addict to another. This variation is based on a number of factors including:

  • The kind of drug a person is addicted to
  • How severe the addiction is
  • The duration of addiction
  • The medical condition of the addict
  • Family history and genetic makeup
  • The amount of drugs a person consumes every day

All these factors determine the type of detox to be used and the amount of time needed to recover from the withdrawal symptoms.

Why Is Detoxification So Important?

Addiction comes from the prolonged use of a given drug. This means that even if a person stops using the drug or substance, there are still traces of it that remain in the body for days or weeks. Since the body is used to having the given drug, the withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous. Some people can even suffer a stroke or seizures when they stop using such drugs.

The detoxification process, therefore, must be monitored by a qualified medical expert to have a safe detoxification and treatment process. That’s why it’s vital to enroll your loved one in the right rehabilitation center. If your loved one needs drug rehab Richmond VA offers this facility with quality detoxification programs.

What Does the Detoxification Process Involve?

Again, the detox process differs from one person to another depending on the factors above. Each patient goes through some personalized treatment based on their condition.

  • The first step involves medical evaluation, whereby the patient is screened for mental and physical issues. Blood tests are conducted to examine the amount of drugs or alcohol in the patient’s body. This will determine the kind of medication to be used.
  • The second step involves stabilizing the patient through psychological and medical therapy. This is important to avoid any adverse effects that may result from withdrawal.
  • The final step is to prepare the patient for the treatment program. At this stage, the doctor will explain to the patient what the treatment process will be and what they can expect at the end of the procedure.

Does Detox Solve Addiction Completely?

The detoxification process is just a part of treating addiction. Although the process will remove the drugs from a patient’s system, it’s not a guarantee that the person won’t continue using drugs.

Enrolling the patient into a rehab program is necessary to ensure recovery. The addict wins their biggest battle psychologically: when they are finally independent of drug use. That’s why other factors such as ensuring the person avoids bad company and joins relevant support groups are important. Make sure your loved one gets the right counseling after the detox program.

Bottom Line

Medical detoxification is an important step in recovery from drug addiction. Get help from the right experts to ensure a safe detox process.

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