Hoverboards are also known as self-balancing scooters. These are 2-wheeled, battery-powered, and portable devices. If you are wondering how much does a hoverboard weigh, it has remained much the same since it became available in the year 2013. When one child, and even adults, were seen gliding around the neighborhood, of course, every child had to have one. Of course, there were some adults who wanted one as well.

True, there have been some concerns with the battery, but newer safety measures and certifications have been put in place so that hoverboards are a safe, fun way to get around.

They are not all the same either, and some hoverboards are considered better for long distances, others are more suited for kids, others are for off-roading while others are suited for skiers or skateboarders. If you want to know “how much does a hoverboard weigh”, it does not have one fixed answer because the boards have different manufacturers and each board comes with different batteries and different motors.

Regarding how much it weighs, the question “how much does a hoverboard weigh” does not have a fixed answer as certain factors influence the weight. But you can say that the average hoverboard will weigh 25 pounds while any hoverboard generally weighs in the region of 20 to 30 pounds.

All About Hoverboards



These self-balancing scooters have 2 wheels and those who know them say they are more fun to ride than a skateboard but each to his own. They are certainly easy to maneuver because it is a case of moving forward to propel it forward and for reversing you simply lean back.

That is not all though, and the way you move your feet will also determine the direction you go and once you know how to maneuver it, the hoverboard can pick up quite a speed. When you start to wonder how much does a hoverboard weigh, the materials used for these hoverboards will determine its weight but they weigh in the region of 25 pounds. The boards themselves generally weigh over 25 lbs.

Most of these hoverboards are durable, being made of polycarbonate or ABS materials. The minimum weight suited for these boards is 44 lbs and the maximum rider weight is about 220 pounds.

Hoverboard Walmart

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. There are thousands of Walmart stores around the world and they have different departments that stock everything you can imagine. Regardless of how much does a hoverboard weigh, there are boards specifically designed for children and adults. You can also benefit from tremendous deals and savings and last-chance clearance sales. Just some of their departments are clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, garden, pets, baby, parties, toys, sports, and much more. They also stock hoverboards, commercial and sporty ones as well as hoverboards for kids and Bluetooth hoverboards. Brands are among others Swagtron, Halo Rover, Benchtech, Epikgo, Hoverzon and CHIC.

Hoverboard Amazon

Amazon is a massive online retailer. How much does a hoverboard weigh at Amazon will depend on the material and brand, but most hoverboards weigh between 20 pounds and 30 lbs. Amazon always gives a good write-up and description on their hoverboards. When you see the Hoverboard you like, add it to your cart, tap the shopping cart icon and proceed to checkout. Your hoverboard will be shipped to your door.

Hoverboard For Kids

Hoverboard For Kids

Measuring how much does a hoverboard weigh ensures that hoverboard manufacturers make smaller, lighter boards for kids. Everything about the board is smaller, and when shopping for kids, there are plenty of hoverboards you can look at with smaller wheel sizes and rubber tires.

They come in bright, trendy colors, and just one example for kids is the Sisigad Pure Color series. It comes with 6.5″ wheels, built-in Bluetooth, and comes with bumpers. LED lights and easy ride mode that works well for young riders starting out with a hoverboard. The board can reach a speed of 9 mph. The minimum weight for the board is 44 pounds.

Cheap Hoverboards

Whenever you do a search for hoverboards and you want to know how much does a hoverboard weigh, you will discover that you can find some cheap hoverboards but that does not mean you should look at them as a bargain.

Some of these boards are cheap but the quality is not good and the boards can be downright dangerous. Good, cheap hoverboards are always available from reputable brands and they also come with UL safety certification, but you can pick up one of these at a good price, especially if you look around for specials and deals.

Hoverboard With Bluetooth

Kids just love music and when it comes to a hoverboard with Bluetooth, and when it comes to how much does a hoverboard weigh the actual Bluetooth receiver is connected to speakers built into the hoverboard, making the weight vary, but such a little bit it is not even noticeable.

Your phone and hoverboard work together. The hoverboard automatically turns Bluetooth on, but if you do not make a connection, it will just turn off again. The boards work with all phones that have Bluetooth and it is a case of going to your phone’s settings, selecting Bluetooth, and then selecting hoverboard under the selection of the device. You will know you are connected to the hoverboard when it starts beeping.

Best Hoverboard

There are many hoverboard suppliers, and when you look at how much does a hoverboard weigh, all these different brand names, some of which are difficult to pronounce, will make it that the hoverboard’s weight can vary.

You have to wonder what the best hoverboard is. You can always go online and check out websites that actually tell you ‘the best 10 hoverboards for 2020, the best hoverboards for kids, the best hoverboards under $100, and so on.

There are also buyer’s guides that help you understand what to look for when you specifically want the best hoverboard there is and they will mention the top brands. Some of these brand names are Swagtron, Jetson, Lamborghini, Segway, Target, Epikgo, Razor Hovertrax, and others.

Different Brands Selling Hoverboards

Swagtron Hoverboard

Swagtron Hoverboard

The Swagtron Hoverboard is one of the best brand names. Swagtron is the market leader with their rideable products and apart from their hoverboards, they bring out skateboards, scooters, and e-bikes among others, ensuring fun for everyone.

With each product they make, they provide a user manual. Their hoverboards can accommodate weights up to 420 pounds and with their rugged, tubeless tires they are all-terrain hoverboards with a 12-mile range and they can also reach speeds of 12 mph. The best Swagtron hoverboard comes with a 300 Watt Dual Motor as well as Bluetooth and UL safety standards.

Jetson Hoverboard

Jetson started out in 2012, with their mission being to bring out a line of innovative e-mobility products that includes their hoverboards for which they are always looking for new ideas.

If you want to know how much does a hoverboard weigh like the Rave, this board weighs 22 pounds. The Rave Hoverboard is looked upon as a board that cooks up a storm wherever it is seen. With its 400-watt motor, and its ability to reach up to 10mph there will always be enough power to rock and ride.

The lighting it has illuminates the clear rubber tires and frame. How much does a hoverboard weigh like this is a question people ask as the board allows for lots of sporty moves so it is lightweight. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker.

Lamborghini Hoverboard

With a name such as Lamborghini, your hoverboard will be about speed and style because of this hoverboard’s high-performance dual 400-watt motor and lithium-ion battery. The board has 8.5″ racing wheels, and of course, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth Speaker. The board can reach a speed of 9.3 mph and it comes with 3-speed modes.

Target Hoverboard

The largest general merchandise retailer store in America has stores in all the states. The tagline of the American retail corporation Target is “Expect More. Pay Less. They sell a wide variety of food and general merchandise, from clothing to electronics to furniture, music instruments, outdoor and garden, pets to sports equipment, and more. Hoverboards are a popular item to buy and particularly sought after as a Christmas gift and Target stocks all the best brand hoverboards with different features.

Razor Hoverboard

Razor Hoverboard

Razor was the first brand to get the UL 2272 listing for safety with their Hoverboards and they are a trusted global leader in electric products for recreation and leisure.

Their products meet the industry’s highest electrical safety standards. Their 2.0 model for instance can reach a speed of about 8+ mph with a 350-watt motor. It has a run-time of up to 60 minutes with a 36V lithium-ion battery pack. The board comes with a cool blue LED light bar display, two riding modes, and fender bumpers.

Off-road Hoverboard

For more adventurous, outdoor enthusiasts, off-road hoverboards are the ultimate. If you are wondering “how much does a hoverboard weigh for the outdoors”, it does not differ much from the regular boards. They can be used for any terrain and you can go along paths, over rocks, up hills, and enjoy a rough ride.

You will also find a number of off-road hoverboard brands but they require research as some are definitely more robust than others. They can sometimes be more costly than other regular boards as they are more robust. Look at the Gyroor for instance.

It is made from UL-approved materials to last. It has 8.5-inch solid tires and comes with a 700 watts motor. Making use of self-balancing technology, it is safe for even new riders to try out, and as suggested it is UL 2272 certified, having passed strict electrical and safety test measures. It also comes with a music speaker to play music wherever you are.

Hoverboard Battery

Hoverboard Battery

How much does a hoverboard weigh doesn’t really matter when it comes to the battery because the Hoverboards need to be charged regularly, much like a cell phone. A hoverboard lithium-ion battery pack will last roughly about 45 minutes and 1 hour with each charge, but how much does a hoverboard weigh as well as how much the person weighs who is riding the board will also play a role in how long the battery lasts.

It is always a good idea to charge the battery fully before you ride it. Always charge the Hoverboard battery in a cool, uncluttered place and out of direct sunlight. There are certain things you can do to maintain the battery. Always check the battery charge before using it. You will see a red indicator light that tells you the battery is low. The green light tells you it is fully charged.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

Nothing is set in stone with the price of these boards. How much does a hoverboard weigh can influence price. If you are looking for a cheap hoverboard, you can find some that start around $80. How much does a hoverboard weigh will also be determined by the features it has. You may have to forgo some of the features, but its still an awesome board.

Then again, there are boards that are far more expensive and if you do research, you find boards in the $150 to $200 price range, but there are, of course, hoverboards that cost even more. There are quite a few things that come into play when it comes to the costs of these boards.


How much does a hoverboard weigh will depend on a number of factors and one of these is wheel type, adult or child size hoverboard, and the materials used for the hoverboard. The weight of the boards does not differ that much, and whatever board you get, the fun will be guaranteed.


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