According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there were 492,729 trademark applications filed in the United States in 2019. Each one of these represents someone looking to protect their intellectual property. If you own or are starting a business, filing for trademark protection should be a planned expense to protect your investment.

So, how much does a trademark attorney cost? Let’s find out.

How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost?

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The cost can vary significantly for a trademark attorney’s services, so there is no single price. Some quotes are a few hundred dollars, while others are several thousand.

Factors that influence the cost are geographical region, attorney’s experience, and services required. To better understand what costs you can expect, we’ll break down each element.

Geographical Region

Lawyers that are in large metropolitan cities tend to charge more than those that are in rural areas. California, New York, Florida, Texas, and the District of Columbia have the highest average attorney wage, so you can expect to pay more for trademark services in these states.

Attorney’s Experience

Hiring a trademark attorney is just like hiring any other type of lawyer. There are good ones, and there are not-so-good ones. The more experienced and renowned the attorney is, the more they will charge for their services.

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It can help to check out a trademark attorney hiring guide to understand better what to look for when hiring your trademark lawyer. To get started, ask how long they have practiced in trademark filings, what they do to stay up to date on the law, and what they recommend for your needs.

Trademark Services

The number of services you need will influence the cost of your attorney. Many trademark attorneys have set fees for a package of services that you can purchase. They can also quote you a flat fee for a customized service plan if needed.

These are some standard services that you can expect to see included.

  • Existing trademark research
  • Consultation and meetings
  • Application preparation
  • Trademark application submission
  • Response to non-substantive Office Actions

You can also pay for ongoing services that help you protect your trademark. These are typically an additional cost you’ll pay once your trademark completes the registration process.

  • Continued monitoring
  • Renewals
  • IP portfolio management
  • Change of ownership
  • Opposition proceeding representation
  • Cancellation proceedings
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Litigation

USPTO Filing Fee

You need to pay a USPTO filing fee when submitting your trademark application. These fees typically range between $250 and $600, depending on the filing basis that you choose. In addition, you can only file one mark per application, so if you need to register multiple marks, you need multiple applications.

Tax Attorney

This means you will pay several filing fees. Typically, these fees are included in the quote for trademark attorney costs.

Hire a Trademark Attorney

If you need to protect your trademarks, you need to know what to expect. The first step is knowing the answer to how much does a trademark attorney cost? While there is no specific answer, this guide should give you a better understanding of what goes into the cost.

Check out our other law articles for more helpful advice on hiring a lawyer and protecting your rights.

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