Traffic court cases may not be the first thing that you think of when it comes to needing a lawyer, but it can be more important than you realize for the success of your case.

In the US, criminal defendant filings grew by 11% from 2018 to 2019.

For traffic cases, you may need to hire a traffic lawyer to get the best result possible.

But, what is a traffic lawyer? How much does a traffic lawyer cost?

This is your guide.

How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost?

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The cost of a traffic lawyer is going to depend on what type of traffic case that you have. There are simple traffic violations and speeding tickets that are on the lower end of the scale to DUI cases that are going to be on the higher end of the scale in this category.

For example, simple traffic violations and speeding tickets less than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit can range from $200 up to $350. These types of court cases typically take very little time for research and probably only take up about an hour’s worth of the lawyer’s time.

Things can get a little more complicated if you have a speeding ticket that is in excess of 20-30 miles per hour. This is because the penalties are a lot more severe due to insurance costs, points on your license, and increased fines.

Because of this, these types of cases can take a little longer to resolve and you will most likely have higher stakes in fines and insurance for your case. For that reason, the price above can be per hour for a traffic lawyer.

How to Pick a DUI Attorney

Then, you have DUI cases. These are the most serious cases of those listed above, so naturally, they are going to be the most expensive.

DUI cases can be thousands of dollars and you run the risk of license suspension, higher insurance premiums, and hefty fines. In some states, you can even run the risk of jail time.

Traffic Lawyer Guide

So, the next question is what do you need to look for in a traffic lawyer? You should preferably find a lawyer that specializes in traffic law, such as the one here.

Then, get a consultation to get a feel for the lawyer. Ask yourself if you trust them and think they will represent you well in court?

Next, you need to get a price quote from said lawyer. Figure out if it is worth paying for, compare the market, and see if you can afford it.

Traffic Ticket

Finally, make sure it is a lawyer from your local area. They will know the state traffic laws better, the local road you got your traffic ticket on, plus the tendencies of local judges and prosecutors.

Hire Your Traffic Lawyer

These are just some tips for determining the answer to how much does a traffic lawyer cost. It will most likely vary by case, but for the more serious cases especially, it is worth it.

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