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How Patient Education Can Help in Choosing the Right Refractive Surgeon

Taking the time to choose the best surgeon for your refractive surgery is a crucial step in improving the chances of your operation being a success. As anyone who is stuck with wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses will tell you, Lasik surgery can be liberating. 

With more people beginning to see the advantages and benefits of Lasik surgery, there is naturally an increase in the number of clinics and practitioners offering the service. It is therefore vital that you educate yourself on what to look for in the right Lasik surgeon

·     Experience and Reputation

Above all else, there is genuinely no substitute for a surgeon’s experience and reputation. Fortunately, there is an established Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance which any prospective patient can refer to when counterchecking a surgeon’s reviews and credentials.

Before entrusting any Lasik surgeon with your vision, a little due diligence can mean the difference between better eyesight and complete blindness. Finding out how many procedures a surgeon has carried out, success rates, as well as testimonials, is vital.

·     Consultation

Patients should have sufficient and exhaustive consultation with their doctor before having their vision correction surgery. The doctor should do a thorough assessment to determine the general health of the patient’s eyes, as well as their candidacy for laser eye surgery.

Additionally, the doctor should be able to walk you through all the available options available to you before concluding that refractive surgery is a suitable solution. For anyone in Florida looking to get the procedure done, get in touch with some the best LASIK eye doctors in Orlando FI.

·     Refractive Surgery Options

Refractive surgery is a general term, and different procedures are better suited for different scenarios. That said, it is crucial to pick a surgeon who is able to perform any number of methods using the latest technology. 

Clear lens replacement which is a refractive exchange of the lense as well as LASEK, PRK, and LASIK are some of the types of refractive surgery with which any great surgeon should be conversant. Your doctor should not only display a thorough knowledge of these different procedures but also be able to identify which among them is best suited for you. 

Under no circumstances should you feel obligated to any particular surgeon after consultation. Feel free to seek a second and even third opinion from other surgeons. It is, after all, your vision and health that is at stake.

·     After Surgery Follow-Ups

After the successful completion of your refractive eye surgery, it is essential to do follow up checks to make sure the healing process is going smoothly. There is bound to be some discomfort and difficulty in adjusting during the initial post-surgery weeks. 

Your eye surgeon should schedule appointments for you to come in and get your eyes checked. Follow-ups make sure that there was no damage or adverse side effects as a result of the procedure.

Final Thoughts

Refractive eye surgery can restore or better your vision. Living a more vibrant and fuller life is everyone’s dream, and refractive surgery can help with that. However, any decision to proceed with surgery should have a careful weighing of pros and cons as its basis.

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