How PEEK Tubing Is Used in the Medical Industry

If you have some basic knowledge of the medical industry, you’ve probably heard the term “peek tubing” before. But if you’re new to the field, you might wonder what peek tubing is and what it’s used for.

In short, peek tubing is a medical-grade plastic tubing that can be autoclaved, commonly used for intravenous (IV) tube sets.

You might be wondering how this tubing differs from regular plastic tubing. The fact is that there are crucial differences between the two plastic categories.

To learn more about PEEK tubing’s applications in the medical industry and why it’s essential to the care of patients, keep reading!

For Taking Heat

PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) tubing is a highly durable and versatile material used in the medical industry for taking heat. It provides solutions that are:

  • high-performance
  • temperature-resistant
  • cost-effective tubing

These enable the most reliable temperature distribution and transfer in critical medical applications. PEEK tubing can be compression-molded. It can also be extruded and is ideal for medical implants and instruments. This includes catheters and endoscopy tools.

The material is non-conductive and thermally resistant. It also absorbs less water than other heat-conducting materials. It can withstand extreme temperatures without degrading. This makes it ideal for applications where reliability at higher temperatures is critical.

PEEK tubing is also highly suitable for the following:

  • medical imaging
  • electrosurgical instruments
  • peripheral nerve stimulation equipment

PEEK tubing is perfect for medical instruments due to its special physical and chemical properties. It is lightweight, inert, and has various amazing features. All of which makes it ideal for applications in sensitive medical environments.

PEEK boasts superior:

  • mechanical strength
  • impact resistance
  • heat resistance
  • flexibility
  • thermal conductivity

This makes it the perfect material for medical instruments. It won’t deteriorate or corrode even after numerous rounds of sterilization.

For Lesser Friction

PEEK tubing is widely used in the medical industry for its ability to reduce friction. It is often used in medical devices, equipment, and implants, allowing for smoother and more efficient operations.

PEEK tubing has a low coefficient of friction. It moves and responds with far less resistance than traditional materials. The medical industry can use PEEK tubing in almost any environment, making it ideal for several applications.

PEEK tubing helps to provide a safe and efficient environment. This comes from its unique combination of:

  • strength
  • durability
  • low friction

These medical procedures and operations can be undertaken with nothing to worry about. As a result, PEEK tubing is an invaluable tool in the healthcare industry, providing benefits to patients and medical professionals.

For Excellent Biocompatibility

PEEK tubing is an extremely safe material, as it does not trigger immunological reactions or cause adverse tissue reactions. Due to this, it is widely used in biomedical applications. PEEK tubing is often used to create:

  • catheters
  • injection needles
  • injections
  • other small medical tools

This is due to its high degree of flexibility. Furthermore, PEEK is also used in surgeries to provide joints and bones with a much softer surface while maintaining its high strength and biocompatibility.

Essentially, PEEK is incredibly useful in the medical industry, as it facilitates the creation of safer tools with excellent biocompatibility for both the patient and the surgeon.

For Higher Pressure

PEEK is known for its excellent strength and durability, which allows it to function at higher pressures and for extended periods. Application-wise, this kind of tubing can be used in medical and industrial piping applications. It can even be used for:

  • artificial joints
  • valves
  • instruments

This is because it can withstand large amounts of stress. In addition, it is also used for medical electronic products due to its electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and resistance to radiation, which is highly important when dealing with sensitive data. PEEK is also extremely lightweight and easily resists wear and tear, making it an ideal material for long-term applications.

For Chemical Compatibility

PEEK polymer is not affected by many aggressive chemicals or solvents. Thus, it is highly resistant to both oxidation and fatigue. The material is:

  • strong
  • optically clear
  • flexible

This makes it ideal for numerous medical applications. It also handles hot water and steam applications well, retaining its strength over various chemicals. PEEK tubing is used in the medical industry for a variety of applications, such as:

  • drug delivery systems
  • dialysis systems
  • respiratory systems
  • cardiovascular systems
  • robotic surgery

PEEK tubing offers superior chemical and temperature resistance, ensures efficient flow, and helps reduce patient risk. Its superior qualities make PEEK tubing a trusted and reliable material for medical professionals.

For Low Moisture Absorption

PEEK tubing is used in the medical industry for low moisture absorption. PEEK tubing is used in medical applications such as pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. It can be used in the following ways:

  • medical device manufacturing
  • medical packaging
  • engineering
  • instrumentation

This tubing is ideal for various medical applications because it offers superior resistance to moisture and chemicals. PEEK tubes offer superior protection for delicate medical technology equipment by:

  • keeping moisture out
  • preventing corroding
  • providing a stable
  • low-friction housing

PEEK tubing is used in applications such as laboratories, hospitals, and medical device companies, and it is increasingly being used in minimally invasive surgeries and medical treatments.

PEEK Tubing Is Essential in the Medical Industry With Various Uses

PEEK tubing is essential in the medical industry. Thermoplastic is commonly used to form intricate medical equipment and surgical instruments.

It can be constructed as a tube, then replaced with more costly metal and plastic tubes in medical facilities. Of its malleability, it is also used for making catheters, stents, and other devices. Additionally, PEEK tubing is utilized in MRI, and CT scans to create three-dimensional models.

More versatile than its metallic equivalents, PEEK is quickly becoming the material of choice for many medical devices and components. In short, it has become a powerful and reliable tool for the medical industry.

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