We install the best security system in our house, use the best technology available like alarm systems and strong locks. But can any of these measures guarantee 100% security? No. 


You heard that right. Renters insurance is a way to recover the cost of items that you lose from your house.

How does Renter’s insurance help you? And what does it cover?

A Renter’s insurance is a policy that covers the cost of your house items in case of any theft or mishappening of any kind. It protects all your belongings, including furniture, home appliances, apparel, etc. It also covers any item that’s damaged by a visitor accidentally.

You can select from 3 different kinds of coverages:

Personal property Coverage
Personal Liability Coverage
Loss of use
Personal property reimburses the cost of any of your belonging if it is lost or damaged due to fire and any otherPersonal liability coverage provides you the cost of any product that is damaged by some visitor, or you accidentally damage someone else’s property. It also covers any law suite filed against you by any of your visitors if he got harmed at your house and suing you for it.If your house becomes unhabitable and you need to relocate to some hotel or an apartment, then this is going to cover all the costs of your hotel bills.This coverage also covers the cost of any of the storage units you need to purchase to store your belongings until you can relocate back to your house.

You are going to get the amount within your coverage limit. The insurance provider is going to pay you the entire amount minus your deductible. Means if you have an item worth 1000, and your deductible amount is 200, then you can redeem 800 from the insurer.

Does Renter’s Insurance cover the cost of your belongings if they are not in the house?

A robbery happened at your house, nothing can give you peace, but if you have a theft cover by renters insurance from a reputed insurance provider at the very least, you will get reimbursed. Now, when you are resting at a hotel’s bed, and a call comes, to inform you that your bike is also not where you left.

And, you are curious whether Renter’s insurance covers the cost of your bike or not?

Yes, if you have insurance from a reputed insurance provider, you are safe. Not just bike any of your belonging if it gets stolen except 4-wheelers as for them you have to purchase automobile insurance you get a reimbursement.

When does Renter’s insurance not cover your belongings?

In most cases, you are eligible to get a reimbursement, doesn’t matter if your belonging is inside or outside your house. But there are few exceptions which are:

1. Let’s assume that you have given your laptop to your friend. And he breaks it or accidentally drops it into the river. In this case, you are not eligible to get reimbursement. Whoever is not related to you by blood comes under the category of the third party. And if the possession of any of your items is with a third party, then you become ineligible to get a reimbursement.

2. Sometimes we leave the keys under the doormat or in the flower pot. In this case, you are not eligible to get reimbursement as your carelessness is the reason here. Even when you leave your keys in the bicycle and leave, you may not get a reimbursement. For Theft due to carelessness or negligence cannot get approval and is not covered in your Renter’s Insurance coverage. 

Points to remember for home security:

1. You should always take suitable safety measures. 

2. You should have an advanced security system installed. 

3. You should always be careful and never let any intruder get inside your house. Remember, Renter’s insurance coverage is only a means to get your money back once you have suffered loss. And we don’t want that to happen with you as no money can buy the sentiments associated with the belongings.

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