Predators and psychopaths are successful because they’re phenomenal actors. Often, they’re viewed as compassionate members of their communities. They’re also more likely to be in positions that seek to ‘help’ victims.

By placing themselves in positions of power, they avoid accountability. That’s why so many victims who’ve gotten abused by priests haven’t gotten justice, yet.

Hope is on the horizon, though. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the veil lifting. Americans aren’t willing to turn a blind eye to abuse anymore. Read on to learn everything you need to know about abuse by priests in 2021.

Lifting the Veil on Religious Abuse

Lifting the Veil on Religious Abuse

For centuries, institutionalized sexual abuse was a dark secret among religious circles. Now, those dark secrets are getting revealed on a massive scale.

With the help of victims of all ages, investigators are prosecuting priests nationwide. Authorities say religious sexual abuse isn’t new. Despite that, most were blind to the truth about what goes on in many religious institutions.

Several major court cases have lifted the veil on how commonly abused by priests really is.

When you’ve suffered sexual abused by priests, you have legal recourse. You can seek justice through both the criminal and civil courts.

Minors CANNOT consent to sexual acts. That makes any type of sexual contact between an adult and minor a crime. Alert your local police department, and let them start an investigation.

You can also seek out a civil case against the perpetrator, too. This will help you get financial compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. If you’re interested in pursuing a civil suit, you can learn more here.

Systematic Concerns

If civil and criminal justice is available to victims, then how is the system failing them? How are they not able to seek justice for themselves and advocate for the next generation?

According to experts, most accused priests never get sent to jail. The biggest reason why is because of statute of limitation laws.

A statute of limitations sets a time limit for victims to seek out justice. Some crimes, like murder, have no statute of limitations. Other crimes, like institutionalized sexual abuse, do have time limits. These statute of limitation laws vary state by state.

Often, victims don’t seek out justice until they’re well into their adult lives. By that time, it’s too late to seek out criminal or civil justice.

Things are changing, though. More states are lifting sexual abuse statute of limitation laws.

Do You Know Someone Who Was Abused by Priests?

Do You Know Someone Who Was Abused by Priests

Do you know someone who was abused by priests? Were you a victim yourself? There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to respond to traumatic abuse. If you’re struggling, it’s important to reach out for help.

In the past, perpetrators often got away with their crimes. Now, the truth is coming out, and victims are getting justice.

Are you passionate about staying in-the-know? Are you interested to see how society rebounds from sexual abuse revelations? We’ve got you covered. Keep checking up on our blog to continue getting the latest breaking news.

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