How to Achieve the Perfect Temperature to Grow Cannabis

Temperature is an important factor for optimum growth of plants. This applies to both wild and cultured plant varieties. One good example is the cannabis plant. Most cannabis plants in the wild grow in natural ambient temperatures (between 70-85°F or 20-30°C) and this should be replicated in the indoor garden or plantation setting. Some cannabis growers tend to overlook this important requirement, which thus affects the quality of the grown plant. There can be more than one way to achieve the perfect temperature in growing cannabis.

One simple thing to remember is that cannabis grow well in a comfortable room temperature. Even without a thermometer and humidity meter, you can actually know if there is a need to change the temperature and/or humidity in your grow area by how your body feels when entering the grow room. Maintaining a uniform and consistent temperature within and across the growing areas are the most important thing.

Listed below are a few steps on how to achieve the perfect temperature to grow cannabis.

Efficient use of oscillating fans

A uniform, the ambient temperature can be achieved by creating sufficient air flow within the room. Oscillating fans will continuously move the air within and around the room. Thus, the heated air below the light fixtures will either disperse and go higher or mix with the cooler air in the room.

Invest in climate controllers

Better levels of temperature consistency can be achieved by using a climate control system. Ventilation fans are a preferred feature so that heat can be dispersed outside the grow area. Be sure to evenly distribute all the climate control components such as vent motors, solar shade motors, thermal shade motors, and cooling fans; and also their corresponding sensors, such as humidity sensors, water temperature sensors, and CO2 sensors.

Go for air conditioners

Air conditioners can give you the ultimate control when it comes to growing  room temperature for cannabis plants. If budget isn’t a constraint for you, or if you are considering to expand your cannabis grow room for business purposes, the mini-split air conditioner is a good investment. A mini-split air conditioning system with the right size can consistently apply the ideal temperature needed for optimum cannabis growth.

Revolutionize with hydroponics

Hydroponics is an attractive way of growing cannabis and also controlling the temperature for optimum growth. This is a great option when space and soil availabilities are limited. Also, hydroponics in cannabis production can allow growers to precisely control the nutrient intake of the plants. This can result in bigger, healthier and more potent buds that soil-grown ones. The secret to controlling temperature in hydroponics cannabis setup is the process chillers. Process chillers are especially great to use during warm climates. Even during warm days, the ideal water temperature of 65°F (18°C) and air temperature of around 75°F (24°C) can still be maintained with a process chiller. These ideal temperatures are key to the maximum nutrient absorption of cannabis plants.

When it comes to cannabis extraction for isolating cannabinoids, temperature control and consistency are also essential. Thus, a cannabis extraction chiller is other equipment that is very important. The chiller is designed to maintain consistent temperatures and remove heat from the product, which helps keep it at high quality.

Temperature plays an important role in quality of growth and buds of cannabis plants. A well-maintained and consistent ideal temperature can translate into healthy plants with higher value. Products extracted from healthy cannabis plants can have high potency, thereby increasing its monetary and medicinal values. For cannabis growers, healthy cannabis growth throughout the year is a great achievement.

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