Whether you’re trying to get more money out of a sale or you just want a better look for your home, curb appeal matters.

When you have a big mansion with classy columns and balconies, perhaps with a pool out front, having good curb appeal is effortless. But what if your house is a little more humble?

Most of us are in much more “normal” looking homes, so how do we make things look spectacular?

Let’s talk about how to add curb appeal to a ranch style house. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take a little bit of creative thinking.

If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, look no further.

Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your outside space

Statement Doors and Windows

These aren’t for everyone, but we think they look awesome.

Painting or re-siding your home can be expensive (if not impossible, depending on the material of your house). Do you know what isn’t expensive or remotely difficult?

Repainting your doors and windows.

Not all windows are suitable for painting, but if you’re someone with some classic shutters, you might be a great candidate for some statement pieces on the outside of your home.

Consider what colors will work with your house and your neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy (as long as your neighborhood allows it).

This is easy to overdo, so when in doubt, stick with the door. These brightly-colored centerpieces draw the eye all the way from the road. You can make your house pop.

Keep Everything Tidy

Do you know what’s not helping your curb appeal?

The clutter in your gutters and the dead leaves scattered across your yard.

Do you have a pool? Is it full of pine needles and outdoor junk? You should probably clean that too.

A tidy lawn is a beautiful lawn unless you feel like going full-swing in the other direction. Messy and kitschy yards can also be beautiful, but they almost take more effort than simply keeping a clean yard.

Regularly rid your lawn and home exterior of weeds and clutter to keep a clean and tidy curbside home.

Mow That Lawn!

Sometimes we get lazy with the lawnmower. When it’s summer it’s so hot and uncomfortable that mowing the lawn seems like a total chore. In the autumn, it starts to get too cold by the end.

Sometimes you just don’t want to.

Uneven grass doesn’t make for a beautiful curb, though.

You can mow the lawn yourself, or if it’s too troublesome, hiring some professional lawnmowers might be a better option. The look of freshly mown grass is so nice that your home will look more attractive for it.

Consider a Power Washer

While we’re on the topic of a clean outdoors, how are your walls and decks looking right now?

It doesn’t take long for your home’s exterior to go from clean to filthy, but you might not even notice that it’s happening. It’s like when you don’t realize how much your carpets have faded or collected grime until you move your furniture and realize that you’re in deep need of a steam-clean.

Power washing, or pressure washing, is a satisfying way to remove the layer of gunk from your walls, deck, and driveway (as well as any sturdy furniture that you might keep outdoors.

You won’t believe how much dirt can build up over time. Once you pressure wash once, you’ll be wanting to make a routine out of it.

Check out your freshly cleaned home from the road and see how much brighter it looks!

Maintain Your Driveway

Washing your driveway isn’t the only way to keep it looking fresh and neat. Depending on your driveway style, you might need a bit more maintenance.

If you have a gravel or stone driveway, or if you’re the rare person that still has a dirt driveway, consider paving it over. The fresh pavement looks nice and clean and it can totally change the look of your home.

If you have a pavement driveway, make sure that it’s still looking good. There’s nothing wrong with repaving a driveway that’s rough or cracked, and it will likely make for a better driving experience as well.

You can also look into a driveway extension, especially if you’re improving your home for resale value.

A nice long driveway is great for you and any potential buyers who may have large cars or multiple cars to put in one place.


Who doesn’t love a good decoration?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be sprinkling your lawn with a plethora of decorative lawn ornaments. Keep your flamingos and gnomes to a minimum.

There is a classy and modern way to decorate your front lawn, you just have to find a style that matches you.

A great way to add a subtle decoration to your home is by adding seasonal wreaths to your door. You can put colorful welcome mats out front, and maybe even some nice light fixtures (fairy lights are cost-friendly, adjustable, and extremely trendy right now).

There are plenty of ways to decorate without crossing the line into “gaudy”. Don’t underestimate the value of some classy furniture, a rock formation, or even a koi pond. There’s definitely something for every homeowner.

Consider a Beautiful Garden

Do you think that you have a green thumb? Why not add a garden to your lawn to amp up your curb appeal?

You don’t have to go wild with this one. Even a few good flowering shrubs are a great addition to any front lawn.

Check out which plants do well in your climate and head down to the nearest home and garden store. Gardening is a lot of work upfront, but it’s fulfilling and fun, and you’ll get an awesome new yard for your effort.

Get Some Window Boxes

Maybe a full garden seems like too much work. If you have a very small front lawn or a very big front lawn, a garden might not be convenient.

What about a mini garden in your window?

Window boxes are a cute and charming way to add some greenery to your home without committing to an actual garden in the ground. They’re not as popular now as they once were, but they add a vintage touch to any home.

They look like more effort than they are, and they’re an instant improvement.

Replace Your Mailbox

If you have an individual or standalone mailbox, this is a great time to change it up.

Mailboxes can get old and dingy. Maybe you’ve never even considered getting a new one. But why not?

There are so many cute mailbox options, especially if you go online. Plenty of creators want to make you the mailbox of your dreams.

It might seem silly, but take a look at what makers worldwide have to offer. You don’t need to keep a boring old mailbox if it’s not adding to your curb appeal.

Add a Beautiful Fence and Gate

Not all neighborhoods allow for fencing, but if yours does, why not try it?

You can go with the classic white picket fence if that’s your style. A white fence looks so bright and shiny next to a green lawn. It’s a look that’s both timeless and somehow modern.

There are also stone fences that give your home a more “cottage-style” look, equipped with quaint iron gates.

These fences are more decorative than functional, but they’re a great way to entirely change the appearance of your lawn.

Build a New Walkway

Do you have a walkway going up to your home, or is it just a clear path from the driveway, through the grass, into the house?

Most people can use a refreshed walkway. It doesn’t even have to be complicated.

You can use large stone or ceramic tiles to create a pattern that leads from your driveway to your home, or even from the road to your home if you’re able. If you’re feeling really fancy, cover the walkway with an arch or wisteria trellis.

This is a great way to make your home look more expensive without actually spending a lot of money.

Don’t underestimate the look of a fancy entrance.

Do You Know How to Add Curb Appeal to a Ranch Style House?

You don’t have to compete with the neighbors for “best lawn on the culdesac”, but it never hurts to look into how to add curb appeal to a ranch style home when you’re trying to jazz things up.

Whether you’re tidying up for you or for a future sale, these little outdoor renovations make a big difference. Try it out!

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