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How to Approach Marketing a self-publishing book.

For any book to be bought and to be liked it must reach the right person. This universal rule holds true for self publishing too. There is no point in reaching someone who isn’t interested in the genre of book you have written or published. So, one must concentrate on the specific target audience who has the intent to buy the subject of the book you have. 

Understand the decision-making process of a potential reader or buyer. The approach of the marketing plan should be to find a way into this very process: someone pops up somewhere where they are looking, or hanging out online. 

Find a way into the search process

The most trusted and sort after way for looking for anything on a particular genre online is Google search, social media, blogs on a similar subject and online communities on a similar subject. These are the touchpoints where you must reach the target audience and tap their potential interest. If for example, our book is a murder mystery.

  • One must pop up in search of ‘authors who write on the same genre’ i.e. other mystery writers. If any person is searching for mystery writers online, your book and your name or the name of the author must come up in that search. So, the buyer is persuaded to look at your book.
  • One must appear while doing a related keyword search. Keywords are important words related to a subject, in this case, it could be mystery, fiction, thriller, suspense, etc. So, if anyone is searching on Google search for anything with these words, your book must reach them or appear in the search results.
  • Be present on blogs on a similar genre. Find out blogs that relate to the subject and be present there. The audience frequents such blogs, as they share that interest. This is an important gateway to reach them.
  • Social media groups and communities on the subject or title of the book. People trust and often follow and visit online communities that have people with similar interests. They may be coming there for trusted advice, maybe recommendations for good material to read or books others may have read and liked.
  • Divert traffic from these touchpoints to the books page. Once we know where to find interested people, one must find a way to get the people to the book and its details.
  • Find out any other points of influence your potential reader or buyer may have. If your book was for children, for e.g. on ‘what happened to the dinosaurs’ meant for toddlers, you would want to reach parents and guardians who would want to buy such a book. May be parent forums would be another place to reach such a customer. 
  • Make your way up in organic google search. This is possible overtime when the book has either gained momentum or there are a lot of online links where the book appears.
  • Engage the audience. Once you find the audience share relevant material, like blogs and articles on similar subjects. Start a mailing list and write to the potential buyers, and tell them about the book after building trust.

Targeting the specific audience who is interesting in buying books and that too on the subject title of your book is the way to begin any successful strategy.

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